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AA has reduced availability from SFO-JFK - 3 flights offered per day and costs is 2x more options are offered via CodeShare via JetBlue or Alaska Im EXP and stand a decent shot of an upgrade on a domestic flight - have loved the lie flat...

1 month, 1 week ago

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Will this new initiative of renting box trucks compete with UHaul, Budget, and Penske? Didn't Hertz used to have an association with Penske? Will one-ways be allowed?

16 hrs, 53 mins ago

Or is it absolutely flight only and flight purchases. Thanks

16 hrs, 49 mins ago

With the current pricing being seen it was a little relief to see TK coming in with some competitive fares out of Paris. Seems wide open as well from the end of November. Round trip to Bangkok | Google Flights...

16 hrs, 34 mins ago

I bid for an upgrade on a flight that was accepted, and I paid the upgrade fee. Ultimately the flight was cancelled due to weather, and I was rebooked on Delta two days later in regular economy class. I filled out the online form to Westjet...

16 hrs, 21 mins ago

I fly down Thursday night! This is my first trip down since COVID. I will dive into the forum posts, but anything particularly new I need to know about? I understand that Western Union seems to have supplanted Xoom for Americans sending...

16 hrs, 18 mins ago

Hey everyone, Had booked ORD-SEA-SFO last weekend but the ORD-SEA flight was 2+ hours late due to a late arrival aircraft (non-ATC/weather delay) causing me to miss my SEA-SFO connection. AS's system recognized this and rebooked me on SEA-SFO at...

16 hrs, 17 mins ago

I grabbed this Jeep Wrangler Sahara High Altitude 4x4 on a recent rental. It was pretty much new in the wrapper with about 30 miles showing on the odometer at pickup. The Wrangler (regardless of trim level) is classified as FJAR. The Wrangler is the...

16 hrs, 9 mins ago

I stayed at the Amara Resort and Spa in Sedona, AZ for two nights, booked through Amex - The Hotel Collection. We went to bed late the first night and when we woke up my girlfriend told me that the mattress smelled like urine. I took off the...

16 hrs, 8 mins ago

My wife and I are flying to South Africa next week. Our flight has 7 open Polaris seats but no PZ availability showing. We put in for the points + miles upgrade but aren't hopeful. Has anyone had success getting an upgrade when checking in or will I...

16 hrs, 7 mins ago

Seems to be. Why would they want to prevent that? To force you to book two one-ways so they get double the cancellation penalty?

16 hrs ago