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I continually receive 4-5 amex mailers with sign up bonuses at my residence, but they are addressed to businesses that don't belong to me. It's my address, but the business name is not mine (I also less frequently get correct offers to my address...

4 days, 22 hrs ago

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Apart from the Sofitel(s) at LHR and LGW, is there an open and working lounge in London at the moment ? Thanks in advance.

1 day, 3 hrs ago

Someone forwarded to me this message from According to You. Looks like they are changing again ..... "You may have noticed things have been a bit quiet around the community lately - this is because Accor are gearing up for a new change: the...

1 day, 2 hrs ago

Looks like Accor are having a summer sale. :Open up to SummerBe the first to get 25% off your Summer escape For stays from 08/07/2022 until 04/09/2022 See participating hotels list (PDF, 435 Ko)...

1 day ago

After doing a TLV-US-TLV run via United business ("Polaris"), I can honestly say they have the absolute worst kosher meals I've had on a plane in 40 years of frequent traveling. The dinner (Regal Meals) consisted of dry inedible turkey slices; the...

16 hrs, 5 mins ago

Forgive me if this is covered elsewhere. I've searched, but I cannot find an answer to this question. Is it possible, or do I have to get in the phone queue and speak to an agent who may or may not get it right? If I have to cancel this one, I want...

15 hrs, 42 mins ago

Hello! I?ve been searching the forums today and can?t seem to find specific answers to a couple of questions. I hope you can help me. 1. At JFK, because I have sky priority and premium select for an international flight, do I get complimentary sky...

15 hrs, 40 mins ago

Anyone know why there are two flights departing within 2 min of each other PTY-GYE in June? CM378 at 15:14 and CM468 at 15:16. Very strange - light loads on both...

15 hrs, 37 mins ago

I'm new to this website, so apologies for any formatting issues. I live in the US and am relatively inexperienced with travel in general and certainly with international travel. I booked a multi-city flight to Europe through Chase Ultimate...

15 hrs, 22 mins ago

Hi folks, I got bit by the dreaded A fare. Bought a premium ticket SEA-Europe-SEA. AF via CDG to Europe, KLM via AMS with the transatlantic flight KLM marketed, operated by Delta, A330-900. Didn't know the return will yield only 10% distance flown...

15 hrs, 20 mins ago

I have a confirmed cash ticket in business on a flight from EWR to SFO on Thursday. I am also waitlisted in the same class of travel on the first previous flight on the schedule. When does this waitlist typically get processed? (Assuming...

14 hrs, 52 mins ago