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1 month, 1 week ago

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I am travelling throughout Europe with 2 kids and wanted to stay mostly in Holiday Inn hotels on points. They all have the kids stay/eat free policy and don't offer family rooms. My question: do kids stay for free on bookings booked with points...

5 hrs, 30 mins ago

Booked my first two tickets for summer travel and previously the baggage allowance on the receipt or real time reservation confirmation will show premier status baggage allowance. For example, booked a ticket to London and it shows 1st bag free and...

5 hrs, 53 mins ago

Update on the Double Cash card. Rather than earning cash that can be converted to TY points, it will soon earn TY points directly, and if you like, those TY points can be converted to cash. Info & FAQ:...

6 hrs, 21 mins ago

I was just pricing some JFK-LAX flights for the next couple of weeks and, instead of Flagship First, it's labeled as "Flagship Business Plus" on the website (but it books into "F")... Any idea what that's all about?

6 hrs, 25 mins ago

I'm a US citizen with a trip planned in late February to Munich and Brussels. I will fly ORD-MUC and have a 12-hour layover which I plan to spend in Marienplatz. I will then fly that evening to Brussels for 6 days. I am vaccinated and boosted,...

6 hrs, 26 mins ago

I feel like this should be obvious, but I can't find it. If I pay for a flight completely with an E-Credit, do I earn the corresponding REDEEMABLE miles (as if I paid with it for cash?) I already know I earn MQMs/MQSs

7 hrs, 1 min ago

They are paying 3 "TikTok experts" to stay at 10 properties over 300 days, along with personal travel concierge etc I find it amusing they are doing this at the same time they are dismantling the award charts... ...

7 hrs, 4 mins ago

Um. I've just noticed I now have a long'ish layover between my ARN - HEL flight AY816 to my HEL - SIN flight AY131. AY816 lands at 2015 and AY131 departs at 2355 (when it's on time / never). Given the airport seems like it'll be a ghost town after 9...

7 hrs, 10 mins ago

So, like the title thread says, can you still cancel for free within 24 hours? Wanted to book a flight+hotel. Couldn't add a FTV voucher when it was a package, so removed the hotel, added the voucher, but then couldn't add the hotel. So booked...

7 hrs, 26 mins ago
Feed||20220118_DC_KRAKENVIDEOGAME|| I've only managed a 10% off coupon, not sure if it offers anything better. Game takes aboout 30 seconds to play. Expires 11:59 PM PST on Friday, 1/21. Valid on travel...

7 hrs, 32 mins ago