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So looking at doing a PCH trip this coming October and already have the LAX-MIA on the 77W booked and upgraded to FS Business on the return with Business Extra but as much as I want to do a MIA-LAX for the lie flat seat, my other half won't let me...

1 month ago

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So we'll be landing in Durban around 5:30pm, and will be picked up for our safari the next morning at 9am. Given that the safari begins about 3 hours north of Durban, I don't want to 'backtrack' from the airport to Durban central. Looking...

4 hrs, 36 mins ago

I apologize if this has been asked, but I am leaving tomorrow to fly to Croatia from the US via Paris and someone just told me they think I need a covid test even though I am just connecting through for 2 hours. I am on the phone with Delta...

5 hrs, 24 mins ago

(UA gives up - posts a waiver) *Airport:* ---Quote--- * Chicago-O'Hare, IL (ORD)​ ---End Quote--- *Original ticket must have been purchased by:* June 11, 2021 *Rebook language:* The change fee and any difference in fare will be waived for...

5 hrs, 34 mins ago

I'm pretty good at reading fine print and finding things on websites - but I cannot find the current rules for the redeposit of miles if I cancel an itinerary. Anyone have a link to where I can find that rule? Thanks.

5 hrs, 44 mins ago

I opened up FlightRadar this afternoon and noticed this oddity : This is a commercial flight from Amsterdam to Porto that turned back halfway. Any ideas what might be causing this ? If...

6 hrs, 11 mins ago

Valid till End of Schedule with selected dates in 2022. Fare is valid across all alliances. *Example with United Airlines*...

6 hrs, 39 mins ago

So I have been a long time GM, now a newly minted PM. Traveling with my wife who is a SM member but no status. There has never been an issue with upgrades when available in the past. We are at MSP about to take the 4th leg of a round trip from BDL...

6 hrs, 50 mins ago

I flew DL for the first time since the pandemic a few days ago and just got an email titled Thank You For Trusting Us With Your First Flight Back Dear Stimpy, As a valued Platinum Medallion® Member, I know how important travel is to you, and I...

7 hrs, 22 mins ago

Will I get back my points immediately after cancelling a reward stay or will this take a while? Cancellation policy allows to cancel before 4pm on day of arrival.

7 hrs, 40 mins ago

Title is self-explanatory I think. Any input would be appreciated. Cheers

8 hrs, 2 mins ago