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So we had a trip planned to India in November but that of course is not going to happen. We booked this in January of this year and was wondering what is their policy on refunding miles. We were thinking of waiting till July to cancel the flights...

4 days, 17 hrs ago

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So looking at doing a PCH trip this coming October and already have the LAX-MIA on the 77W booked and upgraded to FS Business on the return with Business Extra but as much as I want to do a MIA-LAX for the lie flat seat, my other half won't let me...

12 hrs, 31 mins ago

Booked a VS on Premium Economy flight later this month through a well-known OTA. However this morning I got a pretty drastic schedule change. Flight was due to depart at 20:00-ish from JFK and now is departing at 08:00-ish from JFK. Thus causing a...

13 hrs, 15 mins ago

I've heard from some old news articles (search "mexico sita kiosk fingerprint" on Google - can't post links since I'm new) that Mexico might be collecting fingerprints or other biometrics from foreign visitors entering by air. Is this true - I've...

13 hrs, 24 mins ago

Sapphire Preferred is 2X on dining and travel with no FX (supposedly, because I think other no FX cards, such as BoA Cash Rewards, invariably have lower FX rates on transactions) and Freedom Unlimited is 3X on travel and dining. So with a $1000...

13 hrs, 41 mins ago

I've just returned home from O'Hare, having been denied boarding for a one-way ticketed trip ORD-LHR-TLV. This was a BA 125- ticket, but the first flight was on AA86, which is the only OneWorld ORD/LHR flight currently operating. With the help of...

14 hrs ago

Hi, I booked PVG-SEA (Delta One) flight in Aug with Virgin Atlantic miles before the devaluation. I just received a schedule change notification from Delta that the direct flight is now routed to Detroit first and then Seattle. Based on the current...

14 hrs, 3 mins ago

The BA logo being presented in multiple formats really ****** me off. You have the one we all see on their aircraft and then a web and print version (of which there are multiple). The first image from the aircraft has various white and black dots...

14 hrs, 19 mins ago

I'm shocked that this launched two day ago and no one here has either noticed or cared enough to post about it ;) So here goes... On May 6, Air Canada launched "Everyday Status Qualification", allowing qualification for Elite 25K status by...

14 hrs, 37 mins ago

Hi, Does anyone know which star alliance lounges are open in terminal 5 in Chicago? I?m flying SAS out of that airport in middle of May and wondering if anything is open?

14 hrs, 59 mins ago

So I was debating booking a flight for next winter.... The fares are pretty high for a Caribbean route as of now. If I DID book the fare now but it drops in value, is it possible to cancel and rebook at the lower fare? How does that work?

15 hrs, 34 mins ago