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Didn't find a post on this topic...apologies if I missed it. What's the current situation with dining options open at SLC given CV19 travel slowdowns? Is the Gordon Biersch pub open? Is the SkyClub open, and is it capacity limited? I get in...

1 week, 5 days ago

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Delta has been boarding from the back of the aircraft during COVID with two exceptions, pre-boarding and D1/First Class/Diamonds. As a PM, who has been in C+ on about half of my flights recently I?ve noticed two things.. 1. No gate agents call...

1 hr, 4 mins ago

Based on own experience, can someone pls recommend a local agency, that can organize a visa. I?d like to visit Tripoli and if possible Benghazi, Cyrene, Leptis Magna and Sabratha?

1 hr, 6 mins ago

Today it took 10 tries just to get through on their 800# (busy signal, your call could not be completed..., stutter tone, etc.) then a 2 hour wait to speak with an agent. There is no callback option. They do have a "special" number while on a...

1 hr, 38 mins ago

Hoping someone can help me navigate this. I originally booked an AA/BA itinerary through for travel this July; priced several thousand dollars cheaper that way. Last weekend's AA schedule change impacted both our DFW-LHR legs forcing me to...

1 hr, 39 mins ago

Having read a number of threads on here, i understand that the risk of a downgrade from J to W (or Y) is considered low. However... I have a 241 booking later this year - start of W21 season. Caribbean route out of LGW. As we were only able to get...

3 hrs, 16 mins ago

When I was booking rooms & shopping the other day, most Florida Marriotts were at Standard season points-prices for the rest of April & all of May--with a few Highs on some Fridays & Saturdays and Lows on a few Sundays & Mondays. But last evening...

3 hrs, 18 mins ago

On the heels of a Rapid Reward point devaluation, Southwest has rolled out a monthly point subscription plan. Lock in roughly 1,875 points per month to the cost of $50/month. Seems insane to me - not to mention the points do not count toward any...

3 hrs, 33 mins ago

This probably belongs in an award thread, but there are so many I couldn't figure out where it should go. Mods - please move as appropriate. If I book two one-way awards (MIA-HND/HND-ADL) now, can they later be combined into one PNR or does there...

3 hrs, 34 mins ago

I have a ex LUX, Europe fare with AA. One segment has been cancelled (JFK LAX operated by AA) but the fare is under 800Euros. Can I rebook at a date that works for me and not have to pay the fare difference? I was not sure if AA offer an option to...

3 hrs, 49 mins ago

One Mile at a Time is reporting that AA is brining back full BOB food and beverage service in economy!

3 hrs, 55 mins ago