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I think I?m missing something. It appears that even if a room is available at a particular hotel, it doesn?t show it being available using points. I thought if a room was available, you could use points to book it. Not any longer?

1 week, 6 days ago

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Delta has been boarding from the back of the aircraft during COVID with two exceptions, pre-boarding and D1/First Class/Diamonds. As a PM, who has been in C+ on about half of my flights recently I?ve noticed two things.. 1. No gate agents call...

1 hr, 53 mins ago

Based on own experience, can someone pls recommend a local agency, that can organize a visa. I?d like to visit Tripoli and if possible Benghazi, Cyrene, Leptis Magna and Sabratha?

1 hr, 55 mins ago

Today it took 10 tries just to get through on their 800# (busy signal, your call could not be completed..., stutter tone, etc.) then a 2 hour wait to speak with an agent. There is no callback option. They do have a "special" number while on a...

2 hrs, 27 mins ago

Hoping someone can help me navigate this. I originally booked an AA/BA itinerary through for travel this July; priced several thousand dollars cheaper that way. Last weekend's AA schedule change impacted both our DFW-LHR legs forcing me to...

2 hrs, 28 mins ago

Having read a number of threads on here, i understand that the risk of a downgrade from J to W (or Y) is considered low. However... I have a 241 booking later this year - start of W21 season. Caribbean route out of LGW. As we were only able to get...

4 hrs, 5 mins ago

When I was booking rooms & shopping the other day, most Florida Marriotts were at Standard season points-prices for the rest of April & all of May--with a few Highs on some Fridays & Saturdays and Lows on a few Sundays & Mondays. But last evening...

4 hrs, 7 mins ago

On the heels of a Rapid Reward point devaluation, Southwest has rolled out a monthly point subscription plan. Lock in roughly 1,875 points per month to the cost of $50/month. Seems insane to me - not to mention the points do not count toward any...

4 hrs, 22 mins ago

This probably belongs in an award thread, but there are so many I couldn't figure out where it should go. Mods - please move as appropriate. If I book two one-way awards (MIA-HND/HND-ADL) now, can they later be combined into one PNR or does there...

4 hrs, 23 mins ago

I have a ex LUX, Europe fare with AA. One segment has been cancelled (JFK LAX operated by AA) but the fare is under 800Euros. Can I rebook at a date that works for me and not have to pay the fare difference? I was not sure if AA offer an option to...

4 hrs, 38 mins ago

One Mile at a Time is reporting that AA is brining back full BOB food and beverage service in economy!

4 hrs, 44 mins ago