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Flying on the LAX-KOA flight in a few weeks and am wondering what the Wifi situation is. Does the flight have it, and does it work while it's en-route over the ocean or just near the coastlines? DL's site doesn't seem to answer it properly nor...

1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Last time I canceled flights that were purchased with points I was required to call jetblue customer service. Could not cancel online. Now I see there is a jetblue policy that if you don't cancel online, jetblue charges you $25 per person. Can...

2 hrs, 16 mins ago

I'm 900 EQMs away from Platinum Pro and have enough EQDs. I have a flight in August and would love to be Platinum Pro before then and get a complimentary upgrade. What's the cheapest way to get 900 EQMs so I can upgrade to Platinum Pro?

2 hrs, 19 mins ago

I can never figure out if this should be impressive... or embarrassing. Image: April 15, 2021

2 hrs, 25 mins ago

Please forgive my ignorant question, but does the new MacBook Air and newer iPhones like the SE and 12 use the same Power Charger and plug???

2 hrs, 31 mins ago

I have a basic fare for this Sunday EWR>MIA. I am in Row 8. I plan to bring a carry-on. I actually purchased 3 seats for me and my wife to social distance ($75 r/t). I know we are final boarding and I'd hate to bring my carry-on on and then have to...

3 hrs, 4 mins ago

I'm flying DFW-SLC this saturday for a daytrip this weekend and have a bunch of stuff I'm planning to take to SLC and leave there. When I booked my ticket, I searched for DFW-SLC roundtrip, and one of the options it showed was DFW-SLC outbound,...

3 hrs, 23 mins ago

I wonder if someone is in the know about a minimum connecting time of 3.5 hours for inbound flights connecting in Singapore with QR and flying onto Doha. I can understand that currently there needs to be adequate time for covid tests etc but the...

3 hrs, 36 mins ago

When boarding a couple in front of me on a Delta Connection flight today, the gate agent made special note that she needed to affix ?priority? pink tags to their bags. She noted that the tags were new as of the last day or two and that their bags...

3 hrs, 37 mins ago

The BOGO rate at the Kimpton in Philadelphia for the night I want is $209 vs a standard no discount cash rate of $153. I'm wondering its typical for there to be more than a 35% difference as this reduces the value of the BOGO since the savings...

3 hrs, 38 mins ago

Captain Denny called me to ask if FlyerTalkers would be interested in getting together for dinner on Friday, October 1st in Denver. He will be the MC at the Jason Dahl Scholarship fundraiser the next day. The fundraiser has an out in the contract...

3 hrs, 42 mins ago