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Several times over the last 12 months or so I?ve booked AA awards on QR metal for Qsuites flights. I previously had zero issues messaging their team on Twitter to get seats reserved. I?ve now tried this twice in the past 2 weeks or so but they?ve...

3 days, 19 hrs ago

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Fall 2021 lots of fares available across most carriers from Barcelona to various destinations in USA and Canada in J for under $2,000 Canadian / $1,500 US. In terms of earning miles, BCN-SFO seems like a good one. Prices seem best in November.

16 hrs, 9 mins ago

There have been a couple times recently when I had a flight that was departing the next day and I called in to move up one day (to depart on the same day I was calling in). In one case it was to beat a storm before a weather waiver had been issued...

16 hrs, 14 mins ago

I have a split family booking on the same flight in different classes. I have my wife and my 11 year old daughter booked in First on one booking and me and my 2 sons aged 15 and 14 in World Traveller. I am assuming that I can swap with my...

17 hrs ago

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17 hrs, 22 mins ago

I booked a roundtrip. I likely will have to change the return , When changing the return flight how do I know how much of my total fare will determine if I have to pay a fare difference?

17 hrs, 30 mins ago

Thinking that articles about the IHG Rewards program are approached in a generally biased way on (unlike the Marriott or Hyatt loyalty programs, for example), I sent recently a comment ...

19 hrs, 7 mins ago

It looks like the original thread has been closed, but the FAA has fined the passenger for striking the flight attendant last October on the MIA-ATL flight. Here is the link: ...

19 hrs, 9 mins ago

I need to change the dates on an upcoming flight, but the dates I want will not be in the bookable range until a few days before my flight is scheduled (W fare/healthcare heroes ticket). What is the typical deadline for changing an existing booking...

19 hrs, 20 mins ago

I'm very seriously considering taking an Acela FC train from BOS - WAS. For the meal choice, does one get one "choice" from BOS-NYP then another choice from NYP-WAS or do you just select the ONE time enroute you'd like to eat? In case it's...

19 hrs, 32 mins ago

My wife and I are both healthcare workers and have received our Covid vaccines. We would like to travel to the Republic of Georgia for 13-17 days at the end of May and/or early June since they are allowing those that are vaccinated. I have enough...

19 hrs, 43 mins ago