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Due to depart LHR to DXB for important meetings - does anyone have any experience of flying from the Uk. Would I require employers letter of confirmation at all? If so, that?s not an issue. Thanks in advance.

8 months, 2 weeks ago

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I do not see a special link to create a new doordash with CSP. Any tips? I would like to start using this feature. Prices seem cheaper than the restaurant website itself

13 hrs, 52 mins ago

What the heck is wrong with lately? Half the time I get "Access denied" or "Site in maintenance"... Anyone else having this issue as well?

14 hrs, 5 mins ago

I booked a hotel in Mexico via PL. It was a regular "member special" that displayed to me and no resort fee was mentioned during the booking (and hotel fee line was showing $0 in the confirmation). I did see resort fee in some other regular rates...

14 hrs, 8 mins ago

Was originally scheduled to arrive in Papeete at 9pm and had 1 night booked (using free night cert) at the IC Tahiti. Due to schedule change, now will arrive at 5am the next day. Will the IC Tahiti allow me to check-in at 5am, stay for 6 hours...

15 hrs, 17 mins ago

Image: I like the head start and the 50% discount

15 hrs, 19 mins ago

I have a flight next Tuesday out of Boston, with a layover in EWR, final destination to Hilton Head, SC. Last week I got a call saying the flight was oversold, and offered me $200 to change flights, and the new flight was not even close to...

15 hrs, 22 mins ago

Was on a call and they mentioned 500 bonus pts for a sales pitch, I said yes. Apparently they are offering one of three locations, NY Midtown Manhattan, Las Vegas, or Maui For Las Vegas, it's 4 day 3 nights at $99 per night with complimentary...

15 hrs, 23 mins ago

Hilton has begun rolling out upgrade confirmations beginning 72 hours in advance at five hotels. Another 120 or so will follow in weeks.People with reservations that are being upgraded will receive in app messages and be advised to use digital...

15 hrs, 33 mins ago

Anyone know if a LH flight change (due to cancellation of an earlier flight) on a UA issued award ticket requires a reissue of ticket? Heres the situation: Family has a UA award tickets with all flight segments operated by LH. One of the...

16 hrs, 11 mins ago

Is the only way to file a trip cancellation claim by calling 844-933-0648. I have been on hold for 40 minutes.....Tried earlier and gave up after 30 minute hold. Is there something I am missing? Can't be this hard to initiate claim. Or can...

16 hrs, 18 mins ago