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1 week, 3 days ago

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Hey guys does anyone know if the 787-10 First has the new doors or is open like the other 787? I know for J it does have the closed suites. Does this plane currently fly anywhere? Can't find many pics/vids online Anyway, I checked for Nov 13...

4 hrs, 29 mins ago

Maybe this is useful for someone. Apologies if this has been posted before, feel free to delete. Transatlantic has to be on LA or JJ according to fare rules. You can fly direct or route via MAD or LHR. It?s worthwhile pointing out that LA is...

5 hrs, 9 mins ago

I have problem with me EU261 compensation claim with BA I had flight ATH-LHR on 20 October which was cancelled on 7 October so inside 14 days but BA use Air Trafiic Control action to denied claim. "Industrial action was carried out by Air...

5 hrs, 10 mins ago

Flew AC over 2 weeks ago, 3 pax and none of us got miles deposited yet. Anyone can comment the average time it takes nowadays?

5 hrs, 28 mins ago

I got the dreaded pop up for a Gold referral app recently. Haven't had a new Amex or canceled one in 3 years and currently have only 2 (Blue for Biz, Delta). I put considerable spend on the Blue but almost none on the DL. I'm assuming that this lack...

5 hrs, 39 mins ago

Looking at my personal credit card this afternoon I had a $139 credit from United post -- which was more than a little bit of a shock since it's been >5 months since I've had any personal CC activity with UA (lots and lots on the corporate card but...

5 hrs, 55 mins ago

Hello. I will be trying to purchase a domestic TK Air ticket for a Turkish student usin my US branded Chase credit card. I am in USA. WILL I have problems in purchasing ticket? Will the student have a boarding problem without being in possession...

6 hrs, 12 mins ago

I've been reticent to post this because I love AS, but it seems like an issue to me. A week ago, my and my partner flew back together (seperate tickets but sitting together) on an AS flight. There was surprisingly a lot of coughing around us,...

6 hrs, 22 mins ago

We are thinking about starting off the new year in Hawaii; probably Maui first and then Oahu and then back home. I think that is ok with the travel restrictions. On the return, it looks like the evening flight HNL-SFO in J is pretty reasonably...

6 hrs, 39 mins ago

I was booked 4 months ago LAX non stop to ATL. Just got a notice that I routed through Dallas. I looked and the ALT flight were very busy. Why the cancelation? Did AA jut concede the route to Delta?

6 hrs, 57 mins ago