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The new SLC terminal is opening today. I'll be flying out tomorrow, and wondered if anyone has experienced it yet. It looks like the United flights are still in the old F concourse, but the check-in is at the new terminal. How long is the walk...

1 week, 6 days ago

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Great news! You don't have go through customs in US anymore. From now on, you can go through US Pre-Clearance in Brussels. Save time!

19 hrs, 23 mins ago

I just booked our family of four on web specials with AA miles to Hawaii in June. But there is a chance that DH won't be going, so I bought the insurance for the flight. As I'm researching more, I'm thinking this may have been a waste (I can get the...

20 hrs, 5 mins ago

To break up the monotony of ?COVID sucks? and ?airline service is limited?, I propose something lighter. This applies for last or this year; though, given most don?t have access to last year?s data, I suspect we?ll mainly discuss this year....

20 hrs, 7 mins ago

I'll be flying P to the US (next spring, before someone asks), paid ticket. Would like to use some miles to take my daughter along. I know there is a rule that one has to be Gold/Plat to *book* P awards. Which is the case, as I'll be using my miles...

20 hrs, 27 mins ago

Hey all I called Amex Retention today. Towards the end of the call, the agent thanked me for 'the nicest call she had had in weeks' and for being nice to her. I was surprised to hear this because it was a 7-minute call (including recordings)...

21 hrs, 13 mins ago

Posting for a friend (she's not very savvy when it comes to airline stuff). Original itinerary: FWA - SJD on 10/4/20 (not a direct flight obviously) returning: 10/11/20 SJD -> MEX -> FWA She got email saying the SJD-> MEX segment was...

21 hrs, 40 mins ago

The best credit cards for Amazon Prime Day  CNBC

21 hrs, 57 mins ago

Currently we have SA booked next month on a redemption booking, with a companion voucher. As it isn't likely to happen we are thinking of booking a back up destination without a companion voucher but again a reward flight. If we have to cancel South...

22 hrs, 44 mins ago

Looking at how to use Alaska Miles for a Maldives trip. I've never booked using Alaska, only AA, EY, and SQ. I'm based out of Hawaii so what I want to do is an Alaska flight from HNL to the West Coast, and then West Coast on CX to HKG-MLE. Where...

22 hrs, 45 mins ago

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Haunting of Verdansk event revealed in season 6 roadmap  GamesRadar+ AU

22 hrs, 46 mins ago