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Image: Like many of you we sat through the BUD-GRU deal last night - it showed through the Matrix...

2 weeks ago

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Really just need to vent so I feel better. My points are set to expire in December and I don't want to lose them AND I am not staying at a hotel for the foreseeable future. So I decided to make a purchase through the mall to get the points and keep...

9 hrs, 34 mins ago

Corporate Travel Management in $300m play for Travel & Transport in US  The West Australian

9 hrs, 38 mins ago

I had 8000 points pulled from my account for a rental in Buffalo and Seattle in Early July. I cancelled both of them (because.... Covid) and they were supposed to redeposit the points -- they never did. Now I can't reach anyone to help me. Regular...

9 hrs, 44 mins ago

With my last trip I hit the lowered qualification requirements to "earn" 1K for the 6th-ish or 7th-ish year in a row (given the status extension I'm not sure this was a meaningful landmark anyway, but c'est la vie) -- and have realized that the...

10 hrs, 5 mins ago

Flybuys points cut on Coles Rewards Mastercard  Executive Traveller

11 hrs, 4 mins ago

‘He paid for all our first-class travel’: I gave up everything for my boyfriend, 76 — then he dumped me. Am I entitled to anything?  MarketWatch

11 hrs, 35 mins ago

I'm planning to go to Kauai in November and have a direct flight booked from EWR-HNL on United. Then I would connect from HNL-LIH on Hawaiin airlines on a separate ticket. Although I would not step foot outside the Oahu airport... do you think I...

11 hrs, 50 mins ago
Feed //As of 29.09.2020 and up to 29.09.2021, the* required miles* needed, in order to *retain or upgrade your tier* are reduced *by 25%.* You can take advantage of this change in order...

12 hrs ago

As per title.... It has been announced that the Bermuda flight is permanently moving from LGW to LHR from 28th March 2021. Another nail for LGW..... The article states that this...

12 hrs, 37 mins ago

So, we have a cruise booked from Lima to Buenos Aires in Mid December. I booked paid flights to LIM from MIA with a return from EZE mid January. Both countries are still totally locked down to US flights and cruises. Since my itinerary involves two...

12 hrs, 44 mins ago