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Anyone enjoying the SL Series Camera Bodies and Lenses..? Just added the SL2 to my SL Type 601 pairing it up with the new leica 16-35mm SL Lens...

1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Great news! You don't have go through customs in US anymore. From now on, you can go through US Pre-Clearance in Brussels. Save time!

11 hrs, 24 mins ago

I just booked our family of four on web specials with AA miles to Hawaii in June. But there is a chance that DH won't be going, so I bought the insurance for the flight. As I'm researching more, I'm thinking this may have been a waste (I can get the...

12 hrs, 5 mins ago

To break up the monotony of ?COVID sucks? and ?airline service is limited?, I propose something lighter. This applies for last or this year; though, given most don?t have access to last year?s data, I suspect we?ll mainly discuss this year....

12 hrs, 7 mins ago

I'll be flying P to the US (next spring, before someone asks), paid ticket. Would like to use some miles to take my daughter along. I know there is a rule that one has to be Gold/Plat to *book* P awards. Which is the case, as I'll be using my miles...

12 hrs, 27 mins ago

Hey all I called Amex Retention today. Towards the end of the call, the agent thanked me for 'the nicest call she had had in weeks' and for being nice to her. I was surprised to hear this because it was a 7-minute call (including recordings)...

13 hrs, 13 mins ago

Posting for a friend (she's not very savvy when it comes to airline stuff). Original itinerary: FWA - SJD on 10/4/20 (not a direct flight obviously) returning: 10/11/20 SJD -> MEX -> FWA She got email saying the SJD-> MEX segment was...

13 hrs, 41 mins ago

The best credit cards for Amazon Prime Day  CNBC

13 hrs, 58 mins ago

Currently we have SA booked next month on a redemption booking, with a companion voucher. As it isn't likely to happen we are thinking of booking a back up destination without a companion voucher but again a reward flight. If we have to cancel South...

14 hrs, 44 mins ago

Looking at how to use Alaska Miles for a Maldives trip. I've never booked using Alaska, only AA, EY, and SQ. I'm based out of Hawaii so what I want to do is an Alaska flight from HNL to the West Coast, and then West Coast on CX to HKG-MLE. Where...

14 hrs, 45 mins ago

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Haunting of Verdansk event revealed in season 6 roadmap  GamesRadar+ AU

14 hrs, 47 mins ago