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I have flown 4 flights in the last few weeks. All flights were 100% full. IAH-SNA is running 1 flight daily. IAH-LAX is running 2 - 1pm and 1am with A319's. Loads seem to be 100%. Surely with those markets, UA needs to add another flight. I tried to...

1 month, 1 week ago

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We just called in to find out why my GF's status wasn't upgraded to Diamond (she had the 40k miles needed), and was told by the agent on the phone that you can't upgrade two tiers in the same evaluation period? (This is her first eval period, so...

16 hrs, 30 mins ago

I was looking up prices for flights to Sao Paolo next year (which I couldn?t as they were too far ahead) so looked up the most recent flights (which I assumed would be end of this year), and it seems there are Passenger flights from this Friday. Are...

16 hrs, 33 mins ago

Starting today, AA issues something called trip credits for the remaining unused value of a ticket. Trip Credit arrives via email at the same time as the new ticket gets issued and the email gets received. It only has 001 number like a ticket...

16 hrs, 39 mins ago

Hello, I have a Romantic Getaway Western Canada Europr & Morocco flight pass that allows travel in V Flex and is valid for the owner plus one additional individual. Rules say: "Names changes will be permitted for a fee of $125 CAD, plus taxes, per...

16 hrs, 43 mins ago

Do the airlines (AA) track the dates Im pricing so they don't go lower? Ive been looking at the same date daily for a flight. By doing this, can the airline track it and not lower the price?

17 hrs, 6 mins ago

Hi guys, I've booked a trip to Dubai in December and I'm wondering whether it's too soon to possibly try and rebook my BHD - LHR flight. I'm scheduled to fly from LHR to DXB on Boxing Day on the evening flight which was meant to be operated by...

18 hrs, 8 mins ago

I received an e-mail this afternoon with the following promo, which seems to apply to most North American properties. Image:...

18 hrs, 41 mins ago

Due to a schedule change, I now have an overnight layover (16 hours) in HKG for a flight at the end of October. What are the transit procedures for overnight transit? Will I have to stay in the terminal or can I check into a hotel? I'm a US...

18 hrs, 45 mins ago

BA have started to make changes to there Longhaul schedule. Below is details of the planned schedule to North America from LHR for the W20/21 schedule *Atlanta* - Frequency reduced from Daily to 4 x Weekly 787-9 *Austin* - 5 of 7 weekly...

18 hrs, 51 mins ago

Which would you pick? We are two families with 5 kids. We are doing a trip thru Asia and wanted a quick relaxing beach getaway for 2 nights before moving forward. We will have enough sightseeing to be done before and after so I dont need a...

18 hrs, 57 mins ago