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Anyone have any plans for travel near the end of the year? I am really thinking about booking some flights to go to Australia (preferably) but Im curious what happens if there are still travel restrictions at that point? Im also considering Europe...

1 week, 6 days ago

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Feed Highlights: - social distancing not possible on planes - if one seat is left empty next to a PAX, load of aircraft is 50% - if an entire row is left empty, load of aircraft is 30% - hygiene kits will be given to...

2 hrs, 50 mins ago

The boarding gate scrum is virtually nonexistent. Main cabin boarding was done by row, which made the process go a lot more smoothly. Perhaps Delta should consider keeping this method for the long term. Also, the credit card hawkers were not...

3 hrs, 15 mins ago

Searching flights this weekend LGA-DTW Sunday box on top on red says new aircraft. DL 710 A220-100. Pretty neat to show new aircraft on booking screen.

4 hrs, 1 min ago

A few days ago, I applied Marriott Boundless CC, it gets approved pretty quick, the credit limit is 8k. in the meanwhile they decreased exactly 8k off from my CSR credit limit. Subsequently, they send me the e-letter explained that the adjustments...

4 hrs, 5 mins ago

I need to book a flight from SFO-ORF toward end of July. Choices are AA, DL, UA. I see that UA allows full F cabin, and I think same for AA. DL will only fill 50% of the cabin, and guaranteed open seat next to you. Prices are almost the same. ...

5 hrs, 6 mins ago

It’s on us: How TPG is joining the fight for equality and justice  The Points Guy

5 hrs, 24 mins ago

Hi, I'm flying KLM business next week and transiting in Schiphol. There is a 7 hour wait between flights. As a newbie to KLM, are there any lounges operating in Schiphol now during Covid times that are open to Business class passengers? Are there...

5 hrs, 41 mins ago

Hi everyone, greetings from Bergen :) Just wanted to post my praise with Amtrak on refunds. Incredible service. Had to cancel an upcoming sleeper trip, as the Norwegian government is taking a strong stance on travelling outside our country for...

5 hrs, 52 mins ago

Hey Guys, my friend has been stuck in India for months now. He has secured a seat in a repatriation flight now from DEL and he was going to travel to DEL domestically. Today, there's a new that all domestic arrivals are required to home...

5 hrs, 59 mins ago

Saw on Flightradar this morning here in LA that a QF 744 (VH-OEI) was arriving in MHV from LAX. I see that there have been at least three different 744s doing the SYD-LAX-MHV with this flight number - ....

6 hrs, 11 mins ago