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The award of its SFFOC certificate means that VMFA-314 has completed its type transition phase and can independently work up to operational capability.March 25, 2020, 1:45 PMMarine Fighter Attack Squadron 314—the first Marine Corps unit to fly the F-35C carrier-borne version of the Lockheed Martin Lightning II—received its Safe-For-Flight Operations Certificate (SFFOC) at MCAS Miramar, California, on March 20. The award of the SFFOC signifies that the “Black Knights” of VMFA-314 are authorized to continue their operations independently, without the oversight of the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Replacement (training) squadron, VFA-125 “Rough Raiders,” with whom the Black Knights had been training at NAS Lemoore, California, since September 2019. Receipt of the SFFOC verifies that the squadron is manned with qualified personnel who can implement maintenance and safety programs while the squadron works up toward combat readiness. “The Black Knights have met or exceeded every challenge faced during this transition, and I am extremely proud to be a part of this fantastic squadron,” said squadron commander Lieutenant Colonel Cedar Hinton. “Today’s achievement marks a significant milestone and the beginning of a new chapter in our storied legacy.” The first F-35C to wear the squadron’s markings was delivered to Lemoore in June to begin the replacement of the Boeing F/A-18A++, and the first to arrive at the squadron’s permanent base of Miramar did so on January 21, flown in by Hinton. The SFFOC certification process covers a range of areas, including equipment, personnel, and programs. The installation and operation of management information systems and their accompanying support networks is a key requirement. There is also a need for operational squadrons to maintain robust maintenance programs and complete various inspections ranging from conventional weapons technical proficiencies to safety. Squadron personnel complete a transition curriculum and maintain specific competencies in accordance with Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures and Standardization guidelines. The Marine Corps is buying 80 F-35Cs, in addition to 340 STOVL F-35Bs, and has accelerated procurement of the carrier-capable version to meet U.S. Navy carrier air wing requirements. The Marines are to equip five squadrons with the F-35C to augment the 260 aircraft that the Navy is buying. In 2022 VMFA-314 is expected to become the second F-35C squadron to go to sea, following the variant’s initial deployment aboard USS Carl Vinson in 2021 by the Navy’s VFA-147 “Argonauts.” In early March, Lockheed Martin delivered the 500th F-35 of all variants, an F-35A for the Vermont Air National Guard. The production total then comprised 354 F-35As, 108 F-35Bs, and 38 F-35Cs. At around the same time, the global fleet—including test and development airframes—passed 250,000 flight hours. Defense

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MIAMI – European carriers face a potential revenue loss of US$76bn and passenger demand 46% below normal, putting at risk about 5.6 million jobs and $378bn in GDP supported by air The post European Airlines Losses Climb appeared first on Airways Magazine.

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What does the airline aid package mean for travelers? Not much – TPGThe headline says it pretty well. Other than having more flights operating than demand would otherwise require, the aid package shouldn’t mean much of a change for travelers. Can you get an airline ticket refund due to ……

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Air Canada has made this announcement: Air Canada announced today that, in collaboration with the Government of Canada, it will operate its first special flight from Algiers on Tuesday. Additional flights from Peru and Ecuador are also scheduled to depart in the coming days. Algiers The flight from…

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Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, a MHI Group company, announced on March 18 that it has completed the maiden flight of Flight Test Vehicle 10 (FTV10), the first Mitsubishi SpaceJet M90 in final, certifiable baseline configuration. FTV10 took off at 14:53 (JST) from the Prefectural Nagoya Airport and…

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From the New York Times: The new travel document: Photograph of an empty plane Do you have recent pictures showing the dramatic drop in flying demand? Share them with us. Another arcticle worth reading: Inside American Airlines’ scramble as virus grounds jets by hundreds

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American Airlines is parking a lot of its fleet at various locations. One is Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). PIT issued this statement and photos on social media: With flight schedules dramatically reduced, the planes have to go somewhere. Luckily, we have lots of space on the airfield. So we’re…

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Hawaiian Airlines issued this update: Hawaiian Airlines is reducing its April flight schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic with a commitment to continue offering its guests and cargo customers essential service within the Hawaiian Islands and between Hawai‘i and California and the U.S. territory of…

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Singapore Airlines has announced it has secured up to S$19 billion ($13 billion) of funding to help see it through the coronavirus crisis and expand after the crisis. Read more from Reuters. Singapore Airlines aircraft photo gallery:

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Air Transat, in collaboration with the Government of Canada , announces the deployment of special flights to Haiti and Honduras , as well as more flights to El Salvador and Guatemala in addition to those planned today. “Ever since the tightening of international borders, our flight operations…

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The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA) commends the bipartisan efforts of the United States Congress and the Trump Administration on the passage of the CARES Act on March 27. The $2 trillion measure is intended to assist workers and businesses negatively impacted by the coronavirus outbreak,…

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