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Hi - I have not seen any discussion on this aspect of AS joining OneWorld. Once one gets to 1MM and lifetime MVPG, will that translate to Sapphire status? Or wil it "only" translate to Ruby status? Thoughts?

1 month, 1 week ago

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Does silver status on BA give extra baggage (and how much) on a Qatar economy (M) ticket? The route is SYD-LHR 30kg is not going to be enough

9 hrs, 15 mins ago

I received an email from LifeMiles offering to sell 1,000 LM for USD $10.99, which I figured was reasonable to keep my miles from expiring until I can use them (I want to book LH F but as we know that only opens up within two weeks of the flight). I...

9 hrs, 16 mins ago

With cabin fever setting in while at home, I?ve been pondering and scheming and planning and pontificating where my first trip is going to be once this unusual episode is over to make it ?count?. I had just started a career break but had to cut...

9 hrs, 42 mins ago

I have to assume WN has lots of planes parked somewhere. Any pictures out there? Here are American planes parked in Pittsburg...

9 hrs, 45 mins ago

Brex Card Debuts Work-From-Home Rewards  NerdWallet

9 hrs, 59 mins ago

Me: good income, 830 credit, have used my no-fee Delta Amex 3+ times monthly for the past 3 years. Only 1 CC application/hard inquiry the past 2 years with any bank at all. I've never had a Delta Gold in my life, but I've had two platinums, one...

10 hrs, 20 mins ago

I'm filling my lockdown evenings by trying to find information about flights I've taken. I have two very elusive flights between IAD and BOS which were booked with United, but I can't find the flight numbers and this was before I joined MileagePlus...

10 hrs, 35 mins ago

I must be missing something obvious (not the first time), but where on the website (or statement) for my Citi Costco Visa card do I find out whether a particular transaction has received the appropriate category reward bonus (i.e., gas station)? ...

10 hrs, 42 mins ago

I need to move home to LA for several months, due to a death in the family. I made six RTs on this route between Jan 12 and March 6. March 6 was the first time I noticed significant changes in protocol and crowd drop off. To minimize exposure to...

10 hrs, 44 mins ago

I suspect this was covered before but I cannot find anything on this forum? Did AS extend companion fares expiration due to COVID-19? Mine expires May 11 of this year and I am not ready to buy any tickets before that.

11 hrs, 6 mins ago