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I've observed/experienced several excellent customer service issues with Delta over the last few months. I'm now very interested in switching from United to Delta as my preferred airline. I have the DL AmEx, but use Chase Sapphire cards for most...

1 week, 6 days ago

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IHG used to have a useful; map showing all your stays for the past year. Anyone able to use it now? It just spins for me now Anyone got a link?

6 hrs, 54 mins ago

Hi all, Finding it a bit hard to work this out exactly. Looking to travel on an open jaw LHR-FUK and CTS-LHR. First checked bag easy to sort out but I need a second on LHR-FUK. The website mentions a discount for buying online, but unfortunately...

7 hrs ago

I'm United Silver with rev tickets for a skycouch for 2, on Air New Zealand LAX-AKL. I've listed my United number for FF number. Wondering if there is Premium Economy available at checkin, what would the process be? Could one of us upgrade to PE and...

7 hrs, 2 mins ago

BA/CX: BCN-LHR-HKG-AKL PE r/t $1177USD select dates in May. You can turn quickly or stay in NZ for a bit. Google flights can find it using BCN-AKL in PE. Particularly interesting for EQM/EQD on AA. Looks like it would be in the range of...

7 hrs, 13 mins ago

I can see that we have met the renewal criteria (25k within the first year), and all our status said 100%. In the old IT system there will be a message saying card operation fulfilled (or something like that). All I can see now is our status 100%...

7 hrs, 20 mins ago

Snow day in Toronto so no/very few flights to Toronto from outposts across the country. Weather actually not that bad in Ottawa. Presuming that my plane is held up in the Toronto mess. Flight cancelled. Did have a Friday meeting. It's a...

7 hrs, 29 mins ago

IndiGo goes with HDFC Bk to launch rewards card  Times of India

7 hrs, 35 mins ago

Hi, I recently flew eva'a A330 from tokyo to taipei. My experience on board was pretty good, except the fact that the crew did not want me to film during takeoff and landings. That being said, I don't think eva is that much different than other...

7 hrs, 57 mins ago

any way to bid on an upgrade on Air Canada when the orig ticket was booked with united miles? when I try it says ticket not valid for bid

8 hrs, 10 mins ago

Qatar Airways business class deal (*/m/026yqf.LED.2020-07-15.DADDOH0QR997~DOHLED0QR281;c:USD;e:1;sc:b;sd:1;t:b;sp:2.USD.125116*2.USD.125116) from Saint...

8 hrs, 17 mins ago