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I'm surprised to find there isn't already a thread on this club so I shall start one! Image: ( ...

6 days, 12 hrs ago

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Has anyone booked this trip in Business, for 350,000 miles? Looking at TAP's website, this looks like a great deal. The longest ever tripRound the world tickets are available in Business Class and Economy Class only on scheduled flights operated...

12 hrs ago

Like most of you, I've had my fair share of good and bad experiences on United. I'm a few thousand miles short of 3,000,000 so I've seen a lot, but I've never seen what I saw today. Quickly put, we flew this morning (1/20/20) from Edinburgh to...

12 hrs, 16 mins ago

It's that time of year again when I need to think about renewing IB Gold. I mainly flew *A last year so need about 2100 elite points before March 31st. Would like to hold on to Gold if possible. One suggestion I saw over on the AA thread was CX...

12 hrs, 45 mins ago

What is the best way to use the airline credit that doesn?t involve incidentals? basically is there a way to buy miles, gift certificates or fares? I?m open to different airlines thanks

12 hrs, 49 mins ago

So I did some searching and found no thread for this hotel. Since I'm currently staying here, I figured what better time to start one. This isn't a full review / trip report, just some quick musings about the hotel based on my impressions so far....

13 hrs, 18 mins ago

We flew TPE-YVR-YYZ as revenue passengers in J class. Our TPE-YVR flight was delayed due to aircraft issues so they had to rebook our YVR-YYZ segment, for which they put us in J, BUT on AC Rouge. To think that when I had booked my segments months...

13 hrs, 19 mins ago

I may want to cut off a day of an upcoming reservation. The price has gone up since I booked it. Changing it online shows the current price, as if I were booking a new reservation. Can phone agents change the reservation and keep the same rate for...

13 hrs, 29 mins ago

I have been editing the PDF to remove my FF number when I submit receipts to the client for travel reimbursement. I asked Delta if there was an option to download without the number, but they confirmed there wasn't. Does any have an easy way to...

13 hrs, 30 mins ago

On DCA-PHX and they just announced no WiFi or outlets on the LUS plane. Several people who didn?t know this ahead of time went crazy saying they have no movies or music or enough battery and the flight attendant was left saying ?sorry, these old...

13 hrs, 41 mins ago

I was looking on the AA site for Business Class Saaver awards to Europe this summer. Flying from the US to Europe the 3rd week of May, many tickets were 300K ONE WAY! And I didn't see Saaver tickets on any route. Will space open up later this year...

13 hrs, 47 mins ago