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The travel, loyalty and credit card brands that won the 2019 TPG Awards — and more  The Points Guy

5 months, 1 week ago

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A bit of a general question. Have been loading my OneSmart card for a while now due to a pending trip to Europe in September 2020 (Now cancelled due to QATAR not entering NZ Market until October 25th 2020). Have about $10,000 NZD equivalent on...

10 hrs, 11 mins ago

Millennial Money: Business credit cards can be a tool for freelancers  The Detroit News

11 hrs, 21 mins ago

Hi pros, I have one AA GC which is going to be expired soon. I'd love to book a flight for a future travel which hopefully could preventing this GC become completely wasted. However, at this uncertain moment, I also hold a concern that If I still...

11 hrs, 22 mins ago

So far not too m any accounts of spread of C19 on planes but a couple of cases of SARS spread on planes. ---Quote--- PlanesWe don?t have any direct studies on COVID-19?s transmission on airplanes, but we do have some on a related...

11 hrs, 23 mins ago

10 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Career Success  Forbes

12 hrs, 39 mins ago

Arapahoe Basin reopens to skiers this week. Here’s what you need to know.  The Points Guy

12 hrs, 41 mins ago

I am using Firefox 76.0.1 on W10. If a poster embeds a tweet, it does not show up at all. If I use Chrome, I can see the embedded tweet. I have tried adjusting privacy settings to default, turning off ad blockers, etc., but nothing seems to work.

13 hrs, 25 mins ago

Guys, please help me figure out which CC I should use to make reservations at Marriott... For simplicity, let's say I make a $1000 reservation and receive no elite bonus. 1. Chase Sapphire Reserve card = $1000 x 3 UR points/1$ = 3000 UR points....

13 hrs, 27 mins ago

I Would like to know business class cabin baggage experience on the first ORD flight that departed Dubai on 23rd May. Did EK allow roller bag in the cabin? Or Did they check-in the roller bag (in addition to the 2 bag allowance)? Or Did they...

13 hrs, 30 mins ago

Sorry if this is posted somewhere else, I've looked but can't find anything similar. AA Pt Pro Looking at rt routing from SFO-ORD-BCN in July. Purchase on Iberia all AA flights, "Economy Basic" I don't need to check bags, but it appears that I was...

13 hrs, 34 mins ago