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Who Can Benefit Most From the Southwest Plus Credit Card?  NerdWallet

4 days, 12 hrs ago

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Hi everyone, I have a query on behalf of my wife. She has 1390 tier points and her tier point collection ends tomorrow (8th Dec). We are flying on the 21st of Dec to New York which will give her enough tier points to achieve Gold. She has...

11 hrs, 26 mins ago

I attempted to cancel an AE booking last week about 3 hours before the flight departure (airport agent unchecked me), but the website wouldn't let me cancel it. I followed the directions on the site, but an error message kept popping up when I hit...

11 hrs, 37 mins ago
Feed系lccジップエア、米国線は「ホノルルとポートランド」が最有力/ar-BBX8NWu Article in Japanese I'm…

11 hrs, 40 mins ago

Is it just me or does the Sunday Riley hand cream get clogged more often than the cowshed one...? I couldn't get it to dispense in any of the lavs on my last flight even though the bottle appeared to be full.

11 hrs, 47 mins ago

Bliss products are no more at W hotels. They?ve been replaced by this:

11 hrs, 56 mins ago

I wanted to upgrade using miles from CAN to JFK and return from Premium Economy to Business. When I called I was stunned to hear ?no upgrades available for points?. Even though it?s 5 months until I fly, i though...OK, it?s possible. Then I did a...

11 hrs, 57 mins ago

Hi All, I'm sure this has been tackled ad nauseam, but can't seem to find it - Is / was / can Amex offer anything in the way of points to make up for taking away my (priority pass) restaurants and arriving (final destination) lounge benefits? ...

12 hrs, 14 mins ago

I'm a * Gold on United, flying an ANA award from LAX-HND in F and returning HND-LAX in PE. Initially I was concerned about lounge access on the PE leg since my UA number isn't in the reservation and I wasn't sure if I could get access just with my...

12 hrs, 59 mins ago

Does anyone have any advice on best business seating arrangement with little kids? We've flown BA business with them before but that seemed a bit more straightforward with the centre seats so cosy together... We are flying Helsinki to Hong Kong...

13 hrs, 2 mins ago

Has anyone had any success getting American Express to convert their Business Centurion to a Personal Centurion card? If so, how? Assuming not, how do people manage to keep the Centurion if they leave the business? I'm leaving the business I...

13 hrs, 13 mins ago