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Feed *A British man’s flight home on WestJet went sour when the diabetic-friendly meal he requested didn’t meet expectations. James Boyle, a British DJ and music producer who...

2 weeks, 4 days ago

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Just trying to get a final few miles to reach *A gold status.and wanted to know when my 2 years runs out. Or should I say confirm when it does. The My Asiana club says the following: Evaluation base date 2018.04.12 Evaluation period 2018.04.12...

6 hrs, 30 mins ago

Currently on SLC to HNL flight at seat 7J. I have seriously counted 12 character building drifting scents either coming from in front or behind me within 2 hours into my flight. The passenger adjacent to me is reading a book, and if she is the one,...

6 hrs, 33 mins ago

For background I have no status with AC since I shifted to UA several years ago. So no special premium numbers to call. In mid November I booked flights for my son to join us in Maui. His flights were YYJ -YVR-OGG and returning the same route. As...

6 hrs, 35 mins ago

I've stayed at both chains but cannot figure out major differences. Trying to answer the question myself, I think... 1. Hampton Inn tends to be a little cheaper. I conclude that it is lower on the scale than Hilton Garden Inn. 2. Hampton Inn...

6 hrs, 49 mins ago

Has anyone gone with the American Express Aadvantage Business Extra corporate card as back door into the American Airlines? I know many people who use the SPG now Bonvoy credit card but some people just want a charge card.

7 hrs, 22 mins ago

The Kansas City Chiefs' UA charter yesterday ( apparently didn't have all of its cargo fully unloaded before continuing on to EWR about an hour after landing, meaning the...

7 hrs, 28 mins ago

And if u can how do I do that for money. I have itinerary sea to hkg to da nanag. I hope I can do that for money. Where can I find more info. Thanks for your help

8 hrs, 2 mins ago

I was just looking at my Silver card and wonder - is there any real reason for it? You have the card on the app if you need to show it (which I've never been required to do). Have you ever been asked for your silver card for lounge entry or anything?

8 hrs, 27 mins ago

Image: So does this business "rates" (sic) include a full excess waiver or not? *FWIW:* *...

8 hrs, 52 mins ago

I called Aeroflot this past week to inquire about upgrading from Comfort Flex to Business. I was told it was possible with 37,500 Aeroflot Bonus points for our 2 seats. The issue is my Aeroflot bonus account (just created) says that it is inactive...

8 hrs, 58 mins ago