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Hi As part of a multistop ticket I have a flight from LAX-AKL in April(all on United and ticketed by United). Is it possible to buy a flight from Phoenix (on United) that would connect to my LAX-AKL flight and add this flight to my ticket so my...

7 months, 3 weeks ago

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We had two upcoming flights. One flight DFW> PHL>FCO with return for next year, and one DFW to CUN and return later this year. Got an email for the Cancun flight only it had changed. The Cancun flight changed by 3 hours and they kicked us out of...

19 hrs, 38 mins ago

Good evening. Does anyone have news about Emirates flying between BOM and IAD via Dubai on or after July 20? A friend of mine has booked a ticket and wanted to know hence posting here. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you in...

20 hrs, 6 mins ago

It it possible to do a back to back at Manchester with BA? Lands at MAN 11.20am and takes off 12.10pm?

20 hrs, 22 mins ago

A recent Washington Post article explores the perceived risks assigned to certain activities by six people on the front lines of the fight against Coronavirus / Covid-19. *How Fauci, 5 other health specialists deal with covid-19 risks in their...

20 hrs, 48 mins ago

Can you refund a ticket in full after checking in and passing security?

22 hrs, 30 mins ago

In this case I suspect the article refers to the Personal Loan program, since I've never received a balance transfer offer from Amex and have been a cardholder since 1988. I ran across this article while doing a search on why the offers which would...

22 hrs, 39 mins ago

I know many of us are thinking about trips for next year. We canceled 3 weeks in Asia this summer, and now I?d like to rebook that for summer 2021. I?m wondering if the rest of you are starting to book 2021 family trips and what sort of precautions...

22 hrs, 45 mins ago

Last week Caribbean Airlines opened up one flight per week from JFK to SVD on a Wednesday. SVD opened its borders on 7/1. We booked. Now that inventory has gone from their website, and the booking is showing as ?may be disrupted?. Reservations...

22 hrs, 50 mins ago

I booked a morn flight out of ZRH and an afternoon flight back,LX seems to have dropped both flights and rebooked me on their other set of flights, which frankly just doenst work for me. Now since its a UA tkt where UA is the carrier to/from ZRH and...

23 hrs, 20 mins ago

American Express clawing back points from grocery store bonus on Hilton, Marriott and Delta cards  The Points Guy

23 hrs, 31 mins ago