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Hi As part of a multistop ticket I have a flight from LAX-AKL in April(all on United and ticketed by United). Is it possible to buy a flight from Phoenix (on United) that would connect to my LAX-AKL flight and add this flight to my ticket so my...

3 weeks, 6 days ago

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In the past, I was able to purchase southwest gift card on and it will trigger the airline credit within a few days (2-3 days). I did this again recently and it's been almost 10 days and the credit has not posted. Does anyone know if...

17 hrs, 2 mins ago

Today I found a negative balance for my 2019 Airline Credit Balance on two of my cards. I was alerted to this by some posts in AA forum. Does anyone know what this is all about?

17 hrs, 8 mins ago

Sir Tim Clark describes the third-generation bar/lounge area as "a step change in what we're doing. It'll be very, very, very attractive, I can assure you." The new space will include an enlarged seating area plus AC/USB power points added around...

17 hrs, 33 mins ago

Hello, I am planning on a travelling in the third or last week of February 2020. I will be flying with Etihad Airway and wondering if there is anyone else here planning or taking the route as me. Would love to be accompanied by someone whose...

17 hrs, 36 mins ago

With 20 days left in the year, it looks like I'll end up ~$1k short of the $20k spend threshold to reach Ambassador for 2020. I was Ambassador Elite this year and didn't find the benefits to be significant enough to book an arbitrary $1,000 weekend...

17 hrs, 38 mins ago

Hi all, I'm heading off from ARN-BNE in a few weeks in QR J, and I have just two quick questions. I cannot see where I can add my BAEC number MMB on the QR website. Am I missing something obvious? QR gets me into SYD and then I need to...

17 hrs, 48 mins ago

I found many answers, but most we older than 5 years. Please don't beat me up to badly on this. Will be ticketed on United stock - first flight on SN, in business class, connecting to UA flight, also in business to US. What is the baggage...

17 hrs, 50 mins ago

Sorry if it has been asked before, but I'm wondering if I'll be able to redeem my FNA certificate for a friend of mine. If I book via the website, the reservation will be under my name. To make this even more complicated, he is platinum, and I'm...

17 hrs, 52 mins ago

[font="arial" , "helvetica" , sans-serif]Talk about a random airline sale... Tianjin Airlines has a sale between London LHR and Hangzhou via Xi'an with fares starting at £1270. No real mileage earning on this sale but it might be of use to some...

17 hrs, 53 mins ago

Muchachos, here is the result of a recent flight. These flights accumulate record numbers. CDG-SFO 3 PQD = 5,583 PQM = 1,861 PQM per PQD... lllooool!! Image:...

18 hrs, 5 mins ago