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I was not a guest at the hotel but dined at the St Regis Bora Bora. Does anyone know if I can get Bonvoy points for that dinner? I can?t find anything on the website. thanks.

6 months, 3 weeks ago

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I was looking at seat maps on SQ26 close to the EOS... May '21. The entire seat map shows as blocked on EF, nearly the entire J cabin shows as blocked too. What's up with that?

18 hrs, 14 mins ago

DL?s daily FAI-SEA flight diverted to YXY (Whitehorse) due to an electrical issue. The Whitehorse Star has some photos on Facebook. Based on where the plane turned around, I am surprised they didn?t land in JNU. They must have wanted the...

18 hrs, 39 mins ago

Tried to find the answer online or in forum but sick of searching. If I book ANC-OGG on AS, will our bags get interlined to KOA with Hawaiian or would we have to pull them and check-in again for the interisland. It's been a while since we did...

19 hrs, 36 mins ago

Global tourism is scheduled for July 1 so these are great for a summer trip. Fares seem to begin end of July. Athens for around $2000. Santorini and Mykonos $2100+ ...

20 hrs, 21 mins ago

I'm looking for a screen protector for a Samsung Note 9 on which I have a silicone case. The brand I used on my previous phone, which I really like, doesn't make protectors for this one. Amazon ratings have left me confused, so I'm looking for...

20 hrs, 22 mins ago

Best travel credit cards for 2020  CNET

21 hrs, 17 mins ago

Hi, I'm due to pay the balance soon on this flight. What do you think the liklihood of me going is? Do you think that I'll have to pay the balance and then they'll cancel? At the moment America won't even let us in I believe!?

21 hrs, 34 mins ago

I accidentally chose 4 E-Upgrades but did not realize you had to get a flight pass to actually get them. I forgot what the other options were but thy must of been more beneficial than that one. Just wondering what the other choices were and if I...

22 hrs, 22 mins ago

I recently purchased a segment in Y (for the first time as delta seems to be going wild with their fare buckets right now). The other 3 segments on my flight are in J. Right now, I'm seeing 6 available seats in J for an upgrade, and many more in...

23 hrs, 21 mins ago

Nice sale from Montreal, Canada to Salvador, Brazil via Panama City with COPA during the Carnival period in 2021. Assuming there will be a Carnaval in 2021... These flights book into R Class and credit at 100% to programs such as United and...

23 hrs, 48 mins ago