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i think for me the longest time i havent had a holiday in would be about 2 years between 2017 and 2019 usually go every year but didnt in 2018.

1 week, 1 day ago

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Hi all, This may be appropriate to merge with one of the other threads but thought I'd try this as it's own thread first. A few months ago I booked a refundable ticket to HK on United from the US as kind of a short leisure trip/status run. I'm...

10 hrs, 55 mins ago

Saturday Nov 16 I?m on AA726 PHL-LAX, connecting for LAS. After boarding and pulling away from the gate the plane goes Mx. Oh well. Original connection gets to LAS around 930. I find a 6PM nonstop PHL-LAS and it has F seats. Only downside here is...

11 hrs, 28 mins ago

I have never flown a budget airline before and I wanted to put some kudos out into the universe. I flew easyjet round trip from Amsterdam to Berlin this week. Both flights boarded and departed on time and with little hassle. I think my bag may have...

11 hrs, 29 mins ago

I have both a personal and a business delta reserve card. I just realized that only the business card's spend is being included in my card spend summary. In order to reach diamond I was counting on the spend from my personal card as well. Amex...

12 hrs, 2 mins ago

On a business trip where the expense policy is "whatever's reasonable," should I look into services like Dial7? Where do they pick up -- the Dial7 website only says they'll "direct you to a curbside meeting point." Will it be a hassle? And on the...

12 hrs, 4 mins ago

In advance of the November, 2019 sales, I'd like some opinions on laptops you would consider. Some criteria I have in mind to start: * Quality reputation from well-known company, e.g. Lenovo, Dell * Runs Windows as main operating system *...

12 hrs, 5 mins ago

Background: I'm currently staying at the Vespera on Ocean, a newly opened Cat 6 property along the coast of California. I am Titanium Elite, and paid stay was upgraded from a Base King to a Premium King. We completed 1 out of our two night stay,...

12 hrs, 9 mins ago

So I cut the TV cord 2 1/2 years ago and subscribe to SlingTV (which I love). I get my local channels over the air. I use Comcast/Xfinity for my internet (150mps download speed). I was given an AirTV box to integrate my SlingTV and OTA channels...

12 hrs, 41 mins ago

I live in the UK, and have a contract with O2. With O2 travel bolt-on, when outside the UK (and in a supported country) it is supposed to give me rates as per my home contract. Most of my travel is to the UAE, however I also go to a fair few...

12 hrs, 46 mins ago

Hi, I was just wondering what the loads have been like on BA's LHR to Osaka route? I would have thought this would be popular given the other airlines that already serve Osaka and the fact that this is a monopoly on the LHR to Osaka route. ...

13 hrs, 15 mins ago