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I just saw that AMEX was introducing a lower priced business card with a $99 annual fee:...

9 months ago

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Does anyone have those statistics - of passengers catching covid 19 from flying AC (domestic vs transborder vs international) - in flights known to have covid 19 positive passengers flying, and more imprtantly, in flights where there was no...

58 mins ago

So on SW's website it says:Canceling your Southwest flightIf you decide not to travel, as long as you cancel your flight at least 10 minutes before its scheduled departure, the funds used to pay for a nonrefundable ticket (Wanna Get Away® fares) are...

1 hr, 46 mins ago

Received an email survey from AS today, which seemed to be geared toward Gold/75Ks... One of the main topics dealt with potential discontinuation of GGUs -- there were several questions asking what benefit customers might prefer instead. Some...

2 hrs, 11 mins ago

With all of the changes in the fleet plans, I thought it may be fun to have a consolidated thread for fleet discussion and playing armchair fleet manager. Mods, feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Overall, have been impressed with the hard...

2 hrs, 30 mins ago

I've acquired a couple of vouchers for cancelled flights in recent months. Two questions if I may: 1. Can I use a voucher for my wife (or anyone else), or can they only be used for the person originally named in the booking? 2. Can you add two...

2 hrs, 37 mins ago

Another interesting way to collect XPs at a very attractive price. This time out of Tunisia to Algeria via Paris at a very attractive rate for *XPs *earning. You would earn 120 XPs as these are international flights at a cost of just over ?3...

2 hrs, 44 mins ago

Do we think the Portland, Oregon route will be given a second go by BA later this year or next year when the Covid situation has improved, or are "secondary" routes like that toast? Hoping they give that one a go after all, but doubtful.

2 hrs, 45 mins ago

United makes it easier to upgrade your Ethiopian Airlines flight  The Points Guy

2 hrs, 46 mins ago

So, this sars-cov-2 thingy is starting to get serious. They don't last long, but as I usually cross the Atlantic a couple of times a month this has not been an issue. Until now. Also my deodorant stick is getting low, where I can I get one...

3 hrs, 8 mins ago

My family stayed a few weeks ago at the Fairfield Inn Duluth Waterfront. During COVID times, we needed a break from home that was driveable (7 hours from Chicago), had lots outdoors, in an area with low numbers of cases, etc. We looked at a map...

3 hrs, 26 mins ago