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Feed ---Quote--- Hotel and Residences from The Ritz-Carlton to Usher in a New Era of Elegance to the Chic Luštica...

5 months ago

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2 hrs, 23 mins ago

My wife currently has the Amex gold rewards card and has hit the renewal bonus and automatically incurred the £140 annual charge. I am aware that we can redeem the points and receive a pro-rated refund of the charge. She currently has c 55k MRPs to...

2 hrs, 43 mins ago

I have a 3 week trip scheduled for April to Rome, Naples, Florence and Tuscany. It looks like the Coronavirus is spreading there and the Italian government is implementing some draconian measures to limit the spread. I expect things are only going...

2 hrs, 50 mins ago

I rarely start threads but just wanted to call out the BA-is-the-worst-airline-in-the-world-brigade who think that everything goes smoothly on other airlines. I just landed at KBP with Lufthansa in business class and they had no catering on the...

3 hrs, 11 mins ago

I have an F award on hold using the "Pay Later" option for late April / early May travel that is expiring soon. I really want to go on this trip but am waiting to see how the COVID-19 situation plays out as having an infant makes this a big concern....

3 hrs, 23 mins ago

should I travel with my green card when my NY state drivers license is no longer adequate for air travel? I don't plan to travel with my passport when traveling domestically but open to bringing the green card. I know it would be better to...

3 hrs, 29 mins ago

I have booking on hold (not ticketed yet, LAX-LAS), but i'll be just a few dollars shy of meeting eqd requirement with that flight. Instead of taking another flight, can I just call AA to book me with a slightly higher fare class than the lowest...

3 hrs, 31 mins ago

Great (*/m/01yj2./m/05l64.2020-05-13.CPTLHR0BA58~LHROSL1BA766;c:USD;e:1;sc:b;sd:1;t:b;sp:2.USD.157894*2.USD.157894) business class deal from Oslo to...

3 hrs, 33 mins ago

Quick question about my American Airlines EQM earn for an upcoming trip on Qatar Airways. I'm booked in business class from Dallas to Cape Town and back through Doha. I know that the mileage earn is miles traveled * 1.5 (cabin class bonus)...

3 hrs, 34 mins ago

Have an upcoming flight in a premium cabin, and the alcohol offerings are high-quality. I would like to bring aboard a Yeti water bottle to put some alcohol into and take home. Will there be any problems with taking the alcohol off the plane in...

3 hrs, 46 mins ago