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Hello! I rang AA last night to discuss the status challenge. I'd like to go for Platinum and just wanted to check I've got everything down correctly.... -I need to get 12,500 EQMs and $2000 EQDs -I'm going to fly DUB to NYC in Business as...

3 weeks, 2 days ago

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From what I've seen, the last Delta flight from NRT appears to be on 3/28/20 to SEA, PDX, DTW, & ATL. Could someone who is smarter with the routes and such confirm? If that is the last flight, would the NRT Skyclub still be open for passengers on...

17 hrs, 58 mins ago

Was scheduled to go STL-LAX-HND-SIN this weekend, and my LAX-HND segment was cancelled. This was a paid C ticket, not in an instant upgrade class, but not full fare. Called AA and had them rebook me to get to Singapore. Sent me STL-ORD-HKG-SIN. They...

18 hrs, 13 mins ago

When I go to and select the member exclusive flights it shows me the fares, but I can't go further because I currently don't have enough WJ$. Anyway, my question is if member exclusive is a fare category or just a special discount. If...

18 hrs, 21 mins ago

Is there any legal reason Southwest wouldn't be able to operate flights from international airports with US preclearance (i.e. Vancouver, Toronto, Nassau) to Dallas Love (an airport with US customs & immigrations facilities)? I suppose the same...

18 hrs, 23 mins ago

Hi, hoping to tap the group knowledge/experience here - are there any oneworld (or, oneworld 'leg one') routes to SKP ? I can see LHR via ZAG with BA then Croatian, so I can have a nibble and glass of wine at T3 but leaves me wih 4hrs in ZAG...

19 hrs, 9 mins ago

Hi I'm new and needed a place to ask about the new machines installed in LHR. I arrived terminal 3 last week. I passed customs, through the Nothing to Declare lane. There were 3 machines, like massive metal detectors which were hidden in plane...

19 hrs, 13 mins ago

I'm fairly new to Accor. I've been a hotel free agent for a long time, but recently settle down on Hilton and Marriott. I have stayed at Ibis before, but I booked them via OTA. I'm assuming if I book via OTA, then I don't earn any points or elite...

19 hrs, 17 mins ago

Are there still issues with people receiving gift cards that have already been redeemed? I am thinking about using...

19 hrs, 18 mins ago

Does anyone churn platinum cards. Ie. get the plat personal, then the plat bus, then the plat Goldman Sachs, then the plat Schwab, etc..? Do you close one before you open the other? Can you keep one open without closing the other and still...

19 hrs, 20 mins ago

With The Times leading this as their front page story today, I thought it was worth a topic to discuss the impact of this: (behind paywall)...

19 hrs, 23 mins ago