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We'll have a long connection in SIN in November, and I've asked elsewhere on FT about where to stay, so that's not the question here. But when we return to the airport, rather early in the morning, what is our best choice of lounge while we wait?...

5 months, 1 week ago

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New poster, please be gentle :-) Having trouble finding any QFF Emirates flights out of Sydney in early Jan 2021 (yes, I know it's a busy time). Looking for Paris, have also checked Dubai. Surprised there isn't anything at all, has anyone else...

1 hr, 44 mins ago

An interesting article in the Seattle Times about yet another development in the 737 MAX saga: ---Quote--- During the original design and certification of Boeing?s 737 MAX, company engineers didn?t notice that the electrical wiring doesn?t meet...

1 hr, 50 mins ago

Staying for 5 nights but can?t decide which hotel to reserve? Have stayed at Courtyard but are Titanium Elites eligible for free breakfast or only at Residence Inn. Coming in to see new baby so want to conserve $$$. Thanks

1 hr, 51 mins ago

I've got an upcoming flight out of T5 that I'll be taking a large bike bag for. I know I can generally check my bag the night before... but I'm assuming that because it's oversized, I'm out of luck? Probably wont get there before 21:00. If so,...

1 hr, 59 mins ago

My sisters flight to Brussels arrived on time today, but was told that baggage could not be offloaded because of wind, and they could not guarantee getting it to them today. Presumably too windy for them to open the hold? Will BA pay for essential...

2 hrs ago

So just got back from a week on Kauai staying on the north shore ( Westin Princeville Villas). We loved the weather; a mixture of rain, sun and wind and always tropical. What we missed was the lack of direct access to a palm tree laden beach....

2 hrs, 3 mins ago

So AirNZ is changing credit fees. Domestic down and international up. To better reflect actual costs. So has domestic flights credit card fees been subsidising international? Or have they been creaming it? ...

2 hrs, 20 mins ago

I can't see that it does in the Bonvoy website. Thank you. :)

2 hrs, 25 mins ago

My daughter (ex GGL now silver) has just found from BA app her 08:55 LHR to EDI cancelled on Mon 17. She is travelling with her 2 children and returning from ABZ on Thursday. No email or text yet from BA. She had already done OLCI. MMB not working...

2 hrs, 28 mins ago

last year they added the route, direct from EWR. I went on to reserve it for August and you have to connect now. I don't know how routing works, when they might add it back for non-stop, how to find out if it went away, etc etc etc. Any help is...

2 hrs, 36 mins ago