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I?m at PHL now, flight from EDI in J, last night I couldn?t print my boarding pass but was able to print my wife?s. No problem at EDI but I did see the SSSS so I know I was in for additional screening - again ok. I get to passport control in PHL,...

6 days, 2 hrs ago

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First time flying Malaysia Airlines. I bought a ticket in Economy (fare class N) less than 24h ago. I since reconsidered and would like to upfare to business class. Does Malaysia Airlines allow this without paying a change fee?

2 hrs, 15 mins ago

First time heading to Australia (PER) and only have 38 e-upgrade points left. SE100K member, traveling on Sept 5 from YVR. Right now there are 15J empty seats (no PE seats) for the flight through Sydney and 10J empty seats and 8PE empty seats for...

2 hrs, 36 mins ago

I have to travel to Copenhagen for the first time. Will be a business trip so flying J. My choices are: SAS, LH, UA, DL, AF on either A318 or A319. it looks like the 318 has a more preferable layout 1-2-1 vs 2-2-2 which puts DL and AF in the...

2 hrs, 39 mins ago

Is there a global rail travel section of flyertalk that I am missing? If not, might it be possible to create one, or could anyone recommend another forum that fills this role? As I try to fly less I'm looking for somewhere to ask all the detailed...

2 hrs, 45 mins ago

Before TSA, I bought with a Samonsite hardside case when checking luggage for longer trips (5-15 day international trips, mostly for vacation). Weighs nearly 16 pounds empty, but aside from a few scrapes and TSA breaking the locks, it has held up...

2 hrs, 57 mins ago

Insurance Commission WA to sweat lazy $1b cash pile to combat low interest returns  The West AustralianThe insurance commission is set to push more of its cash into other asset classes, including infrastructure and bonds, to bolster returns.

3 hrs, 2 mins ago

Looking to take a trip to New England this fall for the leaves. I have Companion Pass so my first choice would have been to fly Southwest. Come to find out there is not a SINGLE non stop flight from ATL to BOS. Delta, JetBlue, Spirit and last time I...

3 hrs, 5 mins ago

So we are on family vacation with me, wife, 2 kids and parent in laws (6 in total). (Wife is my additional cardholder on my platinum account) The idea WAS that I would sign kids in (8 & 11 years old)?and wife would sign her parents in. Realised...

3 hrs, 15 mins ago

Hi all, delayed 3 hrs till 1am, from 10pm scheduled departure. Ironically we (family) got here early 😞 i have worked out out that we can drop bags 4 hrs before scheduled departure ( hopefully) but noticed in the lounge dashboard thread that the...

3 hrs, 21 mins ago

I may have missed something, but EF's BA rewards search is no longer showing me any results, even when shows availability. I also think the form has changed, as it no longer asks how many seats I'm looking for. Possibly this is related. ...

3 hrs, 50 mins ago