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When there is a long line for general boarding as you arrive late at the gate, do you exercise your elite status and go to the priority boarding lane? I've always thought of it as a bit douchey move and potentially provocative to those in general...

3 months ago

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Not sure if this is a common fare but something tells me it isn't considering J on this route tends to fall around the £2.5k mark for BA/MH (direct flights) - please delete if not much of a deal! *Option 1: £3.3k for F both ways, departing...

5 hrs, 43 mins ago

Bit of an odd one, so I thought to better ask than make assumptions here... I?ve searched the forum for an answer on this and all I could find is that you maintain status until the Card Expiry date. But that typically indicates c. 1 month after the...

5 hrs, 47 mins ago

TAP has decided to roll out a new sub-class in economy in medium-haul flights: EconomyXtra. Summarising what's new: whoever sits in the red chairs will have improved main hot meals in...

6 hrs, 3 mins ago

Buy 4,000+ Miles, earn an extra 30%, 20,000+ Miles, earn an extra 40%, 50,000+ Miles, earn an extra 50% Miles! The deadline for this campaign is 26.10.2019 They could add : "Don't forget we are not able to book awards for Star Alliance...

6 hrs, 5 mins ago

I have no doubt there are threads in this so I apologise but have tried a number of searches myself. I do think this is a black art on forums. There are many gurus out there and I am most definitely not one! We are taking this flight in J on...

6 hrs, 27 mins ago

I just saw that AMEX was introducing a lower priced business card with a $99 annual fee:...

6 hrs, 28 mins ago

I have (through s travel agent) an MCO from a prior cancelled flight. My wife and I are flying United next month. I know my ticket can be paid for using the MCO. Can my wife's ticket also be paid for using the MCO, or not? Thanks,

6 hrs, 31 mins ago

So, rather than focusing on fixing all the issues that EY have within its own organisation, it goes a creates a new LCC with AirArabia based out of AUH. On the face of it I think it?s madness. Further eviscerating already low loads and yields...

6 hrs, 33 mins ago

I've just had 500 points post for "Survey Incentive" Any ideas how I got this?

6 hrs, 35 mins ago

Are exp's still getting comped upgrades to PE on international flights at the gate?

6 hrs, 38 mins ago