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I've never had to use it before, but is there a printer in the business center to print a single page?

3 months, 1 week ago

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Not sure if this is a common fare but something tells me it isn't considering J on this route tends to fall around the £2.5k mark for BA/MH (direct flights) - please delete if not much of a deal! *Option 1: £3.3k for F both ways, departing...

5 hrs, 43 mins ago

Bit of an odd one, so I thought to better ask than make assumptions here... I?ve searched the forum for an answer on this and all I could find is that you maintain status until the Card Expiry date. But that typically indicates c. 1 month after the...

5 hrs, 48 mins ago

TAP has decided to roll out a new sub-class in economy in medium-haul flights: EconomyXtra. Summarising what's new: whoever sits in the red chairs will have improved main hot meals in...

6 hrs, 4 mins ago

Buy 4,000+ Miles, earn an extra 30%, 20,000+ Miles, earn an extra 40%, 50,000+ Miles, earn an extra 50% Miles! The deadline for this campaign is 26.10.2019 They could add : "Don't forget we are not able to book awards for Star Alliance...

6 hrs, 5 mins ago

I have no doubt there are threads in this so I apologise but have tried a number of searches myself. I do think this is a black art on forums. There are many gurus out there and I am most definitely not one! We are taking this flight in J on...

6 hrs, 27 mins ago

I just saw that AMEX was introducing a lower priced business card with a $99 annual fee:...

6 hrs, 28 mins ago

I have (through s travel agent) an MCO from a prior cancelled flight. My wife and I are flying United next month. I know my ticket can be paid for using the MCO. Can my wife's ticket also be paid for using the MCO, or not? Thanks,

6 hrs, 31 mins ago

So, rather than focusing on fixing all the issues that EY have within its own organisation, it goes a creates a new LCC with AirArabia based out of AUH. On the face of it I think it?s madness. Further eviscerating already low loads and yields...

6 hrs, 33 mins ago

I've just had 500 points post for "Survey Incentive" Any ideas how I got this?

6 hrs, 35 mins ago

Are exp's still getting comped upgrades to PE on international flights at the gate?

6 hrs, 38 mins ago