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I'm trying to renew or buy a new Senior Advantage card (used to be Senior+ I think) through SNCF but their website kicks back at me, telling me they cannot deliver in time to my address. No matter what date the card starts. It says to use a...

2 months, 1 week ago

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Are Gold upgrade vouchers on paid bookings now giving avios and tier points as the booked class and not the upgraded? I notice the outbound of a GUF1 booking on the 23/7 awarded F avios and tier points and the return on 19/8 only awarded J. ...

12 hrs, 20 mins ago

Hello, This is my first time posting here, long time lurker, so please bear with me. I've been a United flyer for close to 10 years now, and finally an uptick in my work and personal travel has put me on track to be UA Platinum (currently Gold)....

12 hrs, 41 mins ago

I recently flew NRT -> SFO (8/19) on (paid) Premium Plus. However, I noticed a strange 2/4/2 economy plus configuration for my flight the next day SFO-MUN. I quickly snagged one of the seats and it turned out to be a premium plus seat. This led to...

12 hrs, 48 mins ago

Not sure if all this has been posted.

12 hrs, 56 mins ago

Officially alive?

12 hrs, 59 mins ago

In my opinion, Hilton's footprint in Vancouver is kind of weak. Does Hilton have any plans to expand in Vancouver?

13 hrs, 9 mins ago

I'm fairly new to the hotel scenes. Until fairly recently I just used the OTAs for hotel bookings and I didn't care about elite status. I think I had my mind made up and going to go with Marriott until last week's announcement. Now I'm having second...

13 hrs, 17 mins ago

I had two flights today and being absolutely in love with aviation I decided on my second flight to ask if I could meet the pilots once we landed. The flight attendant happily said yes and after the flight back at the gate they actually let me go up...

13 hrs, 33 mins ago

I am currently following DL431 on the Delta sight-DTW-DCA. It looks like the plane made a circle back but it is now proceeding toward DC. Is this a fluke or does that happen? The arrival time has changed so something must have happened!!

13 hrs, 59 mins ago

I think this is on topic enough for the AS forum, but if its more of a "travel tools" topic, please forgive the intrusion :) For those of you that use a flight logger/diary like flightmemory or my.Flightradar24. How do you go about documenting...

14 hrs ago