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I had return flight (SEA to NRT) booked with the outbound flight today (already checked in). I found out last night that I needed to come home a few days earlier and that I would need to change my return flight. This morning I checked the fares...

1 year, 1 month ago

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Feed *Extra Status Credits: *To help our most frequent flyers maintain their benefits throughout travel restrictions, Silver, Gold, Platinum...

7 hrs, 32 mins ago

I don't know why or how, but I just received a notice that I had earned a benefit. Sure enough, I am showing 50 nights. Did this happen to anyone else? Any idea what is going on here that made this happen?

7 hrs, 48 mins ago

If you are looking for a hotel during Olympics next year, where everything in Tokyo is locked up for media, teams and such I suddenly stumbled across Hyatt Regency Yokohama which can be booked with points over Olympics. Looks like a new property...

7 hrs, 49 mins ago

Has anyone had experience using the Iberia vouchers issued as a result of Covid-19 to buy tickets for family and/or friends? I can?t see any language in the voucher email either permitting or forbidding this.

7 hrs, 50 mins ago

Can anyone advise how to cancel a companion voucher booking at the moment, to get avios and voucher refunded? As I understand, if I cancel I will get the 6 month extension on the companion voucher. I could then re-book for next March as reward...

7 hrs, 52 mins ago

More Rewards for Qantas frequent flyers as travel resumes  Mirage News

8 hrs, 34 mins ago

Tried to buy a ticket to SEA this afternoon and wanted to use my eCredit but it won't let me. It says to select a credit before proceeding, but there are no checkboxes, links, etc. Any suggestions? Image:...

8 hrs, 54 mins ago

'Palm Springs' theory sets up a wild time-travel sequel  Inverse

9 hrs, 8 mins ago

Hello, does anyone have any recommendations for luxury hotels in La Paz and Todos Santos, Mexico? Thank you.

9 hrs, 49 mins ago

Source: I'll be booking this ASAP. Question: does anyone think that a wide body flight might happen? Right now I'm thinking it'll...

10 hrs, 11 mins ago