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The Most Surprising Things You Can Redeem Your Airline Miles For  The Cheat SheetEveryone loves getting fun perks when flying, but your rewards program might open the door to more weird and exciting opportunities than you ever imagined.

3 months ago

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hello, I have just flown a Medium haul AF segment and was surprised that for the second time this summer, USB charging sockets are deactivated. (Ex-Joon A320 and AF A321) According to the FA, this decision applies to all aircrafts for security...

21 hrs, 35 mins ago

Just got a Hartmann 26" composite suitcase that came with a tri-fold suit hanger, but no instructions on how to pack a suit came with it. 1) does anyone know how to fold the suit?, and 2) there isn't an internal hook for the folding hanger. So it...

21 hrs, 39 mins ago

I am on board an Iberia A340 right now and surprised they seem to have replaced their inflight WiFi with Gogo (the same system BA uses)? When did that happen? I?m used to getting the cute 3MB vouchers in business class, and then I would be able to...

21 hrs, 56 mins ago

So, what is likelihood of jetBlue adding SEA-FLL/MCO flights? I've always thought this would be an easy route for jetBlue to start and make money on with Seattle growing so much. It would also give Seattle some cool new connections to the Caribbean....

22 hrs, 9 mins ago

Good morning. I am supposed to fly on a classic reward flight today which I won?t be able to make (medical problem unfortunately). There?s no award availability for tomorrow, and having changed the flight once already I?m not sure if I want to burn...

22 hrs, 21 mins ago

Anyone know where the AA 737 Max that has been parked on the western hanger apron has gone?

22 hrs, 25 mins ago

Hi there, was at NRT yesterday and spotted B777-200 N210UA with some severe 'scratches' on the fuselage...I have never ever seen something like this before. Looks like she got into a catfight. Anyone who what this is, and in this case, what caused...

22 hrs, 27 mins ago

Planning to book a hotel on Explore rate however checkin date is two days past the expiration of current authorization form. Do you from experience think there is going to be an issue? I could get a new form however prefer to not always bug my...

22 hrs, 33 mins ago

Varadero Beach (, considered the second best beach in the world in 2019 according to a survey conducted by Tripadvisor to its users, is undoubtedly one of the best beach resorts in the Caribbean...

22 hrs, 49 mins ago

I have a roundtrip ticket from Washington DC to Rome connecting via Frankfurt. Due to last minute change of plans, I now plan on flying to Frankfurt November 10, then on the 15th hop on my connecting flight to Rome. My question is, if I miss my...

22 hrs, 53 mins ago