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Is it worth it to upgrade to Premium economy over say an exit row in normal economy? What are the pros/cons?

4 weeks, 1 day ago

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Too many options! Every website has opinions on the top luxury hotels in DC... and they all have different ones! We'll be staying 6 nights in July - Mr albie, me, and our 3 kids (ages 10, 10, 11). Not planning to have a car. Doing touristy things +...

2 hrs, 30 mins ago

We land in YVR, from SYD in Terminal M. Depart same Term. 1 1/2 hr later. Just walk from gate to gate, no other processing? US, will process in SAN. Thanks, just making sure. We either have a lot of time or it could be tight!

3 hrs, 36 mins ago

We will be arriving 7:30am at HKG, terminal 1 on CX0881 and departing to DPS at 10 AM on CX0785, in bus. on a Wednesday. . My guess we will have time to visit a lounge. I have the location of the 4 lounges, but wonder if there is a way to tell...

3 hrs, 52 mins ago

We will be flying SAN to LAX on AA6073 (E75), American compass airlines, as American eagle in first on a Monday morning 8:45am. We will be departing on Cathay Pacific 0881 in business 2 3/4 later to HKG out of Terminal B. How do we...

4 hrs, 7 mins ago

Just received an email from BA confirming my family flight home from Lanzarote has been cancelled on the 5th November and they've automatically rebooked us on to the same flight on the 4th November instead. Only problem is this is a day earlier...

4 hrs, 9 mins ago

BLL promos continue this time out of Portugal, this fare gives you 90 XPs in a weekend with no time off from work. Source: My site PremiumCabinDeals ( *How to...

4 hrs, 25 mins ago

Apologies for the stupid question but I?m travelling MSY (New Orleans) to MAN via JFK. First flight is in First and second in Upper Class. Do I get lounge access in MSY? I?ve seen reference to connecting to Sky Team international flight, in which...

4 hrs, 30 mins ago

Someone was flying LHR_HKG, economy, no MP status. She was allotted 60A (I believe at first tickets were booked together with someone with status, so seats were allotted, but then plans changed and the person with status did not fly together). She...

5 hrs, 2 mins ago

Will be flying to Slovenia in September and have a few questions? Delta award tickets economy ATL to CDG then HOP to Ljublana on AF flt Ljublana to CDG via Hop the AF A380 cdg to ATL. As Delta Gold ( also skyclub member)I know both my wife...

5 hrs, 7 mins ago

Hi folks, quick query.......... I had a recent trip in business class, BA flight LHR to PHL, and have been awarded 50% avios cabin bonus. I checked BA website and it only shows 150% and 250% cabin bonus rates. Has there been a recent change...

5 hrs, 10 mins ago