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Hi. I'll be flying NH11 in F with my brother on the 19th. Due to issues with award space, we're connecting from YYZ to ORD on two different flights, although they both leave and arrive within 15min of each other. However, there's always the chance...

1 week ago

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Apologies if this has been asked -- couldn't find it. I'm at Boston airport about to board AS15 to SEA. Was #1 ( on upgrade list but on my way to the airport I noticed they...

18 hrs, 47 mins ago

SCMP simply reaffirms a problem endemic to pretty much every airline... "One of the most popular items had been the small pots...

18 hrs, 56 mins ago

Image: Taken from DT parking lot to show relative positions of the properties Image:...

19 hrs, 19 mins ago

The wife and I have Nexus renewal applications in since mid-Fed with pending as the application status. Our passports are due for renewal by October. With the lead times that have been normal as of late I have a few questions. 1) If I send in my...

19 hrs, 21 mins ago

Does anyone know whether WY will check bags through where travel is on 2 separate bookings Looking at KUL-MCT and then MCT-LHR on separate bookings and want to know whether it will be possible to check bags through and gamble with a 2.25 hour...

19 hrs, 24 mins ago

To preface, I booked a trip on 12/26/17 to MLE and moved the travel dates at some point for March 2019 departure. My wife and I decided to not make the trip, so I called in Feb 2019 to cancel the award ticket and re-deposit miles. I was informed I...

19 hrs, 37 mins ago

I have a legacy SPG Amex card which is up for renewal now. Other than the supposed free night is there any other benefit of hanging on to this card, if I also have a Chase Marriott card? Conversely, if I cancel the card, is it likely to impact any...

19 hrs, 41 mins ago

EF says J7 (surprising) then I pull up the flight map and a 772 flight map populates. Map mistake?

19 hrs, 45 mins ago

Hi FTers from the Midwest If you haven't been following along in Omni, I have been looking for a new to me boat. And in full FT fashion, I found a well maintained Cobalt boat online (2k miles away from home) and checked it out during today's...

19 hrs, 53 mins ago

Image: Image:...

20 hrs, 9 mins ago