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I have 26 credit cards. Here's the best advice I can give you to maximize your rewards  Business InsiderI've earned over 1 million points and miles I've used to travel the world. Here are my tips for maximizing rewards with multiple credit cards.

1 week, 2 days ago

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For an upcoming flight ? crediting an AA booking to my BAEC (forget miles/avios, TPs are the critical issue): Original booking: AA BWI-ORB-SEA then SEA-DFW-BWI Which is 620/1710 then 1660/1210 miles Booking class VV then VV (economy) This...

6 hrs, 30 mins ago

Image: I'm closing in on 5 million program miles. Started in April 1990, should hit the big number in June. I don't...

6 hrs, 46 mins ago

This rate used to give a nice discount at some properties on some dates. I haven't see it work this year. Did it end?

6 hrs, 56 mins ago

EY has added their summer 2019 hotel promotion free stopover program for all classes. I didn't see anyone post this year's deal.

7 hrs, 15 mins ago

Qatar Airways & Edelweiss Air Join TSA Pre-Check  One Mile at a TimeQatar Airways and Edelweiss Air have just joined the TSA Pre-Check program, bringing the number of participating airlines up to 67.

7 hrs, 25 mins ago

Introduction Stayed here on various occasions since 2014, typically AC not working, rooms at 23.5 C at best. Food sub par, lounge ok, go early for breakfast though, at 9 it will be a mess with nothing left and very limited replenishments. check in /...

7 hrs, 28 mins ago

Air Canada now offers minimal service option called “basic” fare which offers no luggage and I think, zone 6 boarding on international flights. Since the TD and CIBC Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege card’s (the $400 variety) offers free luggage and...

8 hrs, 6 mins ago

Husband and I have booked a 15 day transatlantic cruise on 23/4/2020 from New York to Rome. We are planning then on flying straight to Phuket for 5 days and then Bangkok for 3 days, and then home to Brisbane. I can book the New York flight in 2...

8 hrs, 12 mins ago

I'm still learning the JFK D1 ropes, having only flown one segment on a Thursday afternoon as a PM. I missed the D1 upgrade by 5 spots with a pretty lengthy list behind me, and other helpful people here informed me JFK is pretty rough on Thursdays....

8 hrs, 25 mins ago

I started to post this in a different thread, then decided I didn't want to derail that conversation. Putting aside the "should I tip" debate, for those of us who want to, something I wish PP would do is allow us to tip with either the leftover...

8 hrs, 26 mins ago