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I usually take the E train and then the Q70 bus from Manhattan to LGA, or the E train and the JFK Airtrain from Manhattan to JFK. However, recently the E and F trains have been delayed significantly; the MTA website's trip planner is NOT...

1 week, 1 day ago

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Apologies if this has been asked -- couldn't find it. I'm at Boston airport about to board AS15 to SEA. Was #1 ( on upgrade list but on my way to the airport I noticed they...

18 hrs, 41 mins ago

SCMP simply reaffirms a problem endemic to pretty much every airline... "One of the most popular items had been the small pots...

18 hrs, 50 mins ago

Image: Taken from DT parking lot to show relative positions of the properties Image:...

19 hrs, 14 mins ago

The wife and I have Nexus renewal applications in since mid-Fed with pending as the application status. Our passports are due for renewal by October. With the lead times that have been normal as of late I have a few questions. 1) If I send in my...

19 hrs, 16 mins ago

Does anyone know whether WY will check bags through where travel is on 2 separate bookings Looking at KUL-MCT and then MCT-LHR on separate bookings and want to know whether it will be possible to check bags through and gamble with a 2.25 hour...

19 hrs, 19 mins ago

To preface, I booked a trip on 12/26/17 to MLE and moved the travel dates at some point for March 2019 departure. My wife and I decided to not make the trip, so I called in Feb 2019 to cancel the award ticket and re-deposit miles. I was informed I...

19 hrs, 32 mins ago

I have a legacy SPG Amex card which is up for renewal now. Other than the supposed free night is there any other benefit of hanging on to this card, if I also have a Chase Marriott card? Conversely, if I cancel the card, is it likely to impact any...

19 hrs, 36 mins ago

EF says J7 (surprising) then I pull up the flight map and a 772 flight map populates. Map mistake?

19 hrs, 39 mins ago

Hi FTers from the Midwest If you haven't been following along in Omni, I have been looking for a new to me boat. And in full FT fashion, I found a well maintained Cobalt boat online (2k miles away from home) and checked it out during today's...

19 hrs, 47 mins ago

Image: Image:...

20 hrs, 3 mins ago