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Is anyone else having trouble with the link to the Turbo Tax promotion? When I click on it, it takes me to the Southwest log in page, even though I am already logged in. When I log out and try it, it just keeps going back to the same log in page...

1 week, 3 days ago

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So I'm at year eighteen as a lifetime United Club member. So far I've made it to many, but not all, of the lounges. Now not all of them still exist, but think it would be fun to see how long it takes to visit all existing locations. Have you...

18 hrs, 40 mins ago

Mods, pls move if there is an existing thread. I have a flight booked out of MAD to FRA for end of April and it looks like the equipment constantly changes as do my seat assignments. I always book the C and D seat for Mrs. Ex and me and when the...

18 hrs, 46 mins ago

Hoping i can get some help here. Jumped on a sweet D class fare from AMD-USA and bought it in July 2018, for March 2019 travel. - one way. But, looks like we cannot make this work. I cannot even change the travel date beyond July 2019 (12...

18 hrs, 49 mins ago

Hi, I have read through the thread and learnt that it is possible to book with one's own name and add additional guest, and let the guest check in. However, my case is special. I myself only have two nights, but can get one free night from...

19 hrs, 12 mins ago

Please help me understand the diamond upgrade. I have read where you no longer get the 4 nights free in Atlantis unless your tier credits are 15000 points but yet I am still reading that people are still getting the 4 nights but just have to pay...

19 hrs, 16 mins ago

One of the the things I love about staying at a really great hotel is the feeling that anything legal I ask for is possible. The Principal is the opposite of that -- everything I asked for was impossible. Not having any status with IHG, I booked...

19 hrs, 17 mins ago

Apologies if this was already posted, but I didn't see it: Newsroom - American Airlines to Apply for Additional Service at Tokyo?s Haneda Airport - American Airlines Group, Inc....

19 hrs, 22 mins ago

Title says it all really BA Cityflyer will suspend its London City To Paris Orly flights with effect from 31 May 2019:for no apparent reason. This means that Paris isn’t served at all from LCY and BA no longer serves ORY as this service of course...

19 hrs, 23 mins ago

Today I was on a packed A319 from LHR-DUB with a flight time of just 50 mins. There were probably over 20 pax in Club, so presumably two staff servicing that cabin. This meant the BoB trolley barely made it half way down the Economy cabin....

19 hrs, 26 mins ago

Does anyone know of a TA that can process a flight+car booking to secure the lower prices for an itinerary that doesn't include a saturday night - and can also process a GUF2 on the same itinerary using revenue I bucket space (so that I don't have...

19 hrs, 27 mins ago