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It's now easier than ever to book a car rental.

2 weeks ago

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Self-confessed car enthusiast, Gaby Roslin, has become the face of a digital marketing campaign for Europcar set to debut this month.

17 hrs, 14 mins ago

Effective March 18, John F. North III will join the company as chief financial officer.

1 day, 3 hrs ago

Brazil's national car rental association, ABLA, reports that Brazilians tend to travel domestically for Carnaval, which runs from March 1-6.

1 day, 20 hrs ago

With a population of approximately 38.5 million people, Poland is the sixth most populous member state of the European Union and 36th in the world.

1 day, 21 hrs ago

The ride-hailing company says weakening the standards will hurt its business, as it needs automakers to produce fuel efficient vehicles en masse. 

2 days, 1 hr ago

Uber sued reportedly out of fear the cap will be made permanent.

2 days, 2 hrs ago

While most residents opted to stay home and wade out the frigid temperatures and strong winds, employees at Avis Budget Fargo braved the storm.

4 days, 23 hrs ago

The Hertz and Eurowings partnership offers the carrier’s passengers access to a broad choice of car rental options from Hertz and Thrifty, along with bespoke promotions and benefits.

5 days ago

“Disengagement reports” reveal how many times a human driver had to take control of a driverless car in testing in California. A few well-publicized autonomous players lagged far behind.

5 days, 18 hrs ago

For the 2020-2021 budget, $2.58 million of the total $5.6 million has been derived from ride-hailing groups.

6 days ago