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I am flying business class and will be checking in at BKK for an international flight. Unfortunately my transportation to the airport will be 8 hours before my flight. Will I be able to check my bag that early?

2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Hi all, I am flying MEX-MIA-SJU on AA, for business, on a ticket booked by the corporate travel agency. The business class cabin was completely sold out for MEX-MIA so my ticket shows economy, however the trip was booked on a JXXXXX fare basis. The...

16 hrs, 54 mins ago

I was traveling from LCY to MAN this evening but unfortunately the flight was cancelled along with others to GLA and EDI. Some flights did manage to take off. The reason given was the the fog which closed in tonight and I know that this would...

16 hrs, 56 mins ago

I have been planning to visit the French Polynesia for over the past 18 months and I'm finally in the final stage of putting it together. I have some questions in my trip which I would be so grateful to hear some feedback. I have 12 nights in the...

16 hrs, 57 mins ago

Ever since finishing my goal of visiting every country, I've slowly been working on visiting Traveler's Century Club locations. The South Pacific was still fairly weak for me, with 15 'countries' that I hadn't yet visited. I noticed that award...

17 hrs, 9 mins ago

Apologies if this question might have been asked before but I've very little time to read and research much for my upcoming trip and I'm sure Flyertalk will have some frequent BOG travellers who might now more. I'll arrive late in the evening in...

17 hrs, 10 mins ago

My mistake in leaving behind a one week old, $2000+ laptop under the seat on an AC flight from YYZ to FLL this morning. I have filled up the online AC lost and found form. 1. Is there anything else I can do to be proactive and increase my...

17 hrs, 15 mins ago

I was on a flight in CE today and to my absolute shock, this child was STANDING without a seatbelt on whilst the mother sat on her phone DURING LANDING. Yes actual landing as in touch down. I almost said something but didn't know whether there was a...

17 hrs, 16 mins ago

Hi, I?m looking at booking a package to Maui that includes either a Garden View Residence Suite vs an Ocean view Suite (non-residence) at the Rc Kapalua. The Ocean View non-residence Suite is about $80 more per night as a apart of the package. i...

17 hrs, 34 mins ago

Trying to get two seats at cheapest J pricing with Z1 inventory. Anyone have experience with ticketing one in each of two browsers with simulatenous submit? and Expedia (via AMEX).

17 hrs, 58 mins ago

So I am currently booked in coach on a VERY short trip from BWI-WAS next week. I JUST realized I have an e-credit on Amtrak that expires in two weeks and no current plans on Amtrak after that teeny trip. I could use the credit to UG to biz (then...

17 hrs, 59 mins ago