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Hi All, I am looking to fly London - Chicago - Salt Lake. I can find J availability on LHR - ORD but then of course domestic flights in the US are Y or F. Since I am redeeming long haul J; does my short haul flights ticket to Y or F? This...

4 weeks ago

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My Citi AAdvantage card gives 2x bonus miles for restuarants and gas station purchases. I drive a diesel vehicle; do "gas station" purchases include diesel, or only gas? Do restaurants include In-N-Out or McDonald's?

11 hrs, 19 mins ago

CGK: +$100 DPS: +$300 Tons of availability beginning with departures late February all the way through the beginning of May 2019 as seen on The only issue is that it doesn't show booking class. The same flights are available on...

11 hrs, 26 mins ago

I have one other USB card (US Bank Altitude Reserve, and I'm 2/6, 3/12 and 14/24. I also have a checking account with minimal funds. Is the current offer of 85K a decent deal?

11 hrs, 35 mins ago

I would like to book Azul GRU-SDU as a backup, in case I miss my flight with LATAM. The only options I see are "maisAzul" and "Azul - No baggage". We'll travel with only hand luggage. Can I book "Azul - no baggage" and will only pay 5%...

11 hrs, 36 mins ago

If we get one free checked bag with our Alaska Visa payment card, does that apply to Saver fares as well?

11 hrs, 42 mins ago

Got hit today with a negative revision to my SkyMiles stats. lost ~7k MQM, $700 MQD and 2 MQS from what it showed through last week. Is there an easy way to track down what caused the downward revision?

11 hrs, 57 mins ago

Found this whilst trolling Google flights earlier today: ...

12 hrs, 13 mins ago

Not sure if this goes under AA or under Avios. When trying to book an AA award on the BA site using Avios, I'm being charged double for a connecting flight than a direct flight, aka flights seem to be pricing per leg. Is that new? I was able to...

12 hrs, 30 mins ago

My understanding is, that if I purchase an economy ticket from Japan Airlines for an international flight, I will have access to the Sakura lounges. Is this correct?

12 hrs, 31 mins ago

Sorry if something similar has been posted before but I couldn't find anything when searching. There is a PE fare MAN-MCO for approx £900 rt. Booking this with the intention of using miles to upgrade to UC. I can see from the Ts and Cs that only PE...

12 hrs, 33 mins ago