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New research predicts that China will be the most popular holiday spot in the world, with the largest number of both inbound and outbound travelers.

2 months, 2 weeks ago

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The waterfront resort sets the technology standard for Michigan hotels by implementing INTELITY’s guest experience and staff management platform

7 hrs, 20 mins ago

UNWTO’s long term forecast issued in 2010 indicated the 1.4 billion mark would be reached in 2020, yet the remarkable growth of international arrivals in recent years has brought it two years ahead.

8 hrs, 42 mins ago

The 88-suite hotel, located at 7900 East Parkview Avenue, will operate as a Marriott franchise, owned and managed by Tower West Holdings, LLC.

8 hrs, 53 mins ago

I know there is BIG TIME pushback on the idea of multi-tasking. Being so popular in our modern work society the idea of multi-tasking is more than a fad, more than say IMU (Individual Business Units) or MBWA (Management By Walking Around). These are two of my personal all-time favorite business practices.…

8 hrs, 57 mins ago

Possessory interests result from unique circumstances. Understanding its origin and purpose is necessary when performing a possessory interest appraisal. This article describes possessory interest and provides valuation methodology guidance.

9 hrs, 9 mins ago

Louvre Hotels Group announced the upcoming opening of more than 12 hotels, in 12 cities and 800 Kyriad Direct rooms in France, by early 2019.

9 hrs, 21 mins ago

In a show of goodwill to thousands of workers affected by the government shutdown, the Hotel Association of New York City announced it will provide free hotel rooms to furloughed federal workers who need to travel to New York City for personal emergencies during the shutdown.

10 hrs, 15 mins ago

U.S. diners can redeem their points to save anywhere from $20 to $200 at over 400,000 participating hotels available on KAYAK.

10 hrs, 43 mins ago

It’s shaping up to be a banner year for the travel business. If you are a travel agent, presumably you are betting on your clients increased wealth and social media channels to inspire them to book more vacations this year.

11 hrs ago

Located at the forefront of the world-class integrated complex, Resorts World Manila, the hotel is the first landmark seen upon arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3.

11 hrs, 22 mins ago