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The agency gives an option to block the fare without paying. People mostly use it to build itinerary for visa and immigration purpose, it seems. I have a visa interview coming up and I have blocked some tickets in I plan to fly in...

3 months ago

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We were recently running late for a flight due to insane traffic (our 1.5 hr drive took 3 hrs), and we missed the luggage check-in deadline. We couldn't get on our flight since we didn't want to leave without our luggage. Our bad, not Alaska's. They...

5 hrs, 39 mins ago

I usually book J on WAW-DXB-WAW route but I have enough miles for my family of three to upgrade us from Y to J. On selected dates, the EK system shows the availability of upgrade but as we all know it is not guaranteed. Is there any way to book Y...

5 hrs, 46 mins ago

I am departing from EWR terminal 2 on Swiss but want to go to the Polaris lounge in terminal C. Anyone have experience using the airside shuttle between the terminals? Is there a schedule anywhere?

6 hrs ago

Simple question, does anyone know when Aeroplan will fix this issue? I've been trying to book an award for the longest time, but apparently the agents can't book awards from the listed airlines. A sign of things to come I guess.

6 hrs, 5 mins ago

Don't wanna bore you with all the minutia but here are the bullet points: 1) Had a reservation for Embassy Suites Downtown Seattle for three nights with points (actually 209,000 points & $11.00...didn't have the full 210K at the time). However,...

6 hrs, 9 mins ago

When I thought that BA is trying to improve, that?s what I see in the lounge in Washington DC lounge. Boxed wine...Boxed wineImage:...

6 hrs, 10 mins ago

Having just flow YYZ to LHR in PE, it reminded me how what was once an innovation within the industry is now outdated and in need of some TLC. Where do I start? * The seats are ok - but the old 777's don't have power in PE and the IFE is tiny...

6 hrs, 15 mins ago

I'm going to travel a bit in Europe with my fiance. The trip ends with 10 days at a Marriott in London. He has Marriott Gold status, which I do not. But there is a chance he will have to skip the last segment of the trip due to work. If we book...

6 hrs, 21 mins ago

Hi, I'm a big guy and I need to do some time on BA. I am worried about seat width. I fit OK in the JAL window seats, but it is tight in the aisle seats as the pod walls dig into my shoulders. I fit fine in the AA 787-800 seats. Appreciate any...

6 hrs, 23 mins ago

I am trying to make my winter plans. I have secured my flight to my destination; however, the March calendar only goes up to March 6. When will the balance of the month be available? I am checking every day.

6 hrs, 24 mins ago