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---Quote--- Heather Garnett of Minneapolis, along with her husband and three children, were among hundreds of Minnesota travelers whose flights home from Los Cabos in Mexico were canceled Saturday because of the snow. But they were doubly...

5 months, 1 week ago

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Hi all I have a quick side trip to DEL while in BKK and was looking to earn a good helping of SC's to keep QF plat. I know Jet Airways and Air India are half the travel time but willing to sacrifice that of course. MH have the quickest...

15 hrs, 26 mins ago

This may come across as a very silly question but... When DH and I travel to a foreign country we try to, at least, know a few phrases of the local language but this will be my first time in London soooo... should I use the terms that Brits use...

15 hrs, 30 mins ago

OK, So I closed my AA credit card 13 months ago. I understand that I must wait at least another year before applying for the same card again. It's been about 36 months since my wife closed her own AA credit card account. My wife was an...

15 hrs, 36 mins ago

Please don't Flame me, I've gone through pages & pages of Polaris posts and countless other irrelevant Polaris flight posts, but I'm looking for info specifically on the EWR Polaris Lounge. I'm debating going for a EWR-FCO, upgrading to Polaris on...

15 hrs, 40 mins ago

(checked thread for this topic -- move if already started) Frustrated on comparing different rates: one can only look at one rate at a time rather than the four possible on old SPG. Both website and mobile app have this downgrade. Am I...

15 hrs, 52 mins ago

I and my partner are both on the same itinerary and are currently on standby for upgrade. However, there is currently just one seat available. My question is: is there a possibility for just one person to be upgraded (to the only available seat)...

16 hrs ago

Got into the Skyclub and agent said issues with computer. Arrived at my gate to YUL and now it seems the app can?t be logged into. Anyone else seeing issues? Flight across from mine is boarding but not mine when it should be.

16 hrs, 21 mins ago

Is anyone else finding their flights that should be shown under My Trips aren't being shown? According to and the app, I've got nothing booked. Except that I do. A bunch of flights were showing up properly a few hours ago....

16 hrs, 48 mins ago

So I had an uncomfortable experience on my last flight with ANZ. Like all of us that travel alone, I am always seated next to a stranger. I am polite and make some small talk since I'll be next to this person for the next 10 1/2 hrs. Flying...

16 hrs, 57 mins ago

Hi all I'll earn the final SPs required for NZ Elite from a NZ flight to LHR this weekend. How long is it likely to take (from the flight landing?) for the new tier to show in my NZ account, so that I can lodge APD upgrades? The most recent...

16 hrs, 58 mins ago