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Connected Toyota vehicles are expected to be available in September as 2019 vehicle models are introduced into the fleet.

1 week, 4 days ago

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The car hire group also hosts weekly, tailored webinars and pizza lunches for agents who want to meet the Affordable sales team.

7 hrs, 17 mins ago

The service, which launches in Tokyo and select regions, aims to promote Lexus vehicles and meet demand for luxury car rentals in Japan.

8 hrs, 3 mins ago

Enterprise is offering low rates to drive out of Florida.

8 hrs, 4 mins ago

The city is offering more operation permits and lifting restrictions on electric vehicles in its downtown area.

1 day, 4 hrs ago

Police are also investigating the incidient, as New Zealand law requires drivers to have 100 meters of clear road ahead once they have passed a vehicle.

1 day, 6 hrs ago

Car2go's test is a 500-vehicle pilot program taking place in select parts of Chicago. The company has faced pushback from locals concerned with parking.

1 day, 7 hrs ago

Travel agents to receive even higher earnings, exclusive promotions and first-look at new rail products with new commission structure.

1 day, 12 hrs ago

The car rental company earned the customer loyalty award for the 19th consecutive year.

1 day, 14 hrs ago

The used-vehicle industry reached a record-breaking 39.2 million in sales in 2017, representing a 1.6% year-over-year increase, according to the latest Used Car Report from Edmunds.

2 days, 1 hr ago

Quick Lease Car Rental offers a selection of over 30 vehicle models, such the Nissan Sentra and Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

2 days, 4 hrs ago