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prices are available from end of July with the stop in Kuala Lumpur:;f=SGN;t=DPS;d=2017-09-06;r=2017-09-20;sc=b

4 months, 1 week ago

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---Quote (Originally by Reuters)--- Air Berlin bondholders to get back no more than 1 pct - WirtschaftsWoche FRANKFURT, Nov 22 (Reuters) - Air Berlin bondholders are unlikely to recover more than 1 percent of outstanding debt following the...

13 hrs, 48 mins ago

BA have just informed me that they have changed my flight back up to Glasgow from Gatwick next June by 5 minutes and now the connection time is less than the 1hr 15 minutes posted on Flyertalk (but I cannot even find out the minimum for Gatwick on...

13 hrs, 52 mins ago

I do not see a master thread for this hotel so I decided to start one. I had a one night stay at this Hotel. Very nice hotel my top property for SPG in Denver (I am local). This hotel Is unbranded property--not Tributes or any brand cons ...

14 hrs, 11 mins ago

Hi Travel Addicts, I need to spend 4 more nights this year in any of the Wyndham chain hotels, to reach my Wyndham Rewards Diamond level. If someone interested to spend 4 night this year in any of the Wyndham chain hotels, i can offer 100USD OFF...

14 hrs, 15 mins ago

I flew into JFK on BA115 on 28 Oct and I was quite surprised to see us turn quite late onto the runway, seemingly only just finishing our turn just before straightening up to land. Looking at Google Maps, the runway appears to be 13L. Looking out...

14 hrs, 16 mins ago

I recently became Gold for the very first time and having been Silver for a few years before that I thought I’d write about my own experiences so in no particular order: *Row 1 and Exit Seats* – I never thought I’d like the row 1 option however I...

14 hrs, 24 mins ago

Hi Guys, Long time reader, first time poster. I'm currently trying to find a travel agent who's willing to work with me reconstructing ITA matrix flights to book them, can you guys recommend anyone? Probably 2 or 3 a day.

14 hrs, 28 mins ago

Flying to PHL next week... any advice on lounges...? travelling J with BA (this will be my first upper deck flight on a 747 :) )

14 hrs, 39 mins ago

As more and more airlines equip their fleets with WIFI, many are wondering why so few actually utilize wifi on board. Is it awareness, is it price, is it reliability? Please complete this survey as part of my MBA research!...

14 hrs, 50 mins ago

He did the research and narrowed down to three: St. Ermin's, Marble Arch or Grosvenor Square (not JW). I have only stayed at Marble Arch, so can't properly advise him. What would be your choice? (Free lounge access and complimentary breakfasts are...

14 hrs, 51 mins ago