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prices are available from end of July with the stop in Kuala Lumpur:;f=SGN;t=DPS;d=2017-09-06;r=2017-09-20;sc=b

2 months, 1 week ago

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QR011 to LHR 27/09 has changed from last week's flight I took (and every other QR011 I have seen) from A388 to B773 - showing 2-2-2 seat config so not a Q Suite. Anyone know why? Mildly disappointing, I quite like 11a on QR11. Timing is now 2 hours...

3 hrs, 19 mins ago

---Quote--- European plane-maker Airbus announced this week that 1,500 of its airplanes were now in service for U.S. and Canadian airlines. The milestone was celebrated at the company's Mobile, Ala., assembly line with a brand new American Airlines...

3 hrs, 21 mins ago

While it's hard to actively apply economic principles to anything AA does, I thought I'd start a thread where we can speculate at what point within each status tear that earning any additional EQD will add little to no value in terms of upgrade or...

3 hrs, 30 mins ago

Has anyone had any recent experience converting Marriott Points to British Airways Avios? Can you tell me how long it took?

3 hrs, 39 mins ago

Ok, super boring thread, but looks as though QR are rolling out new boarding/disembarking music. I think this sounds the same as the music played during the Qsuite unveiling ceremony: ...

3 hrs, 41 mins ago

I have not seen any mention here of branded fares. Branded fares are mentioned in the Investor Day document from AC earlier this week. From what I understand it's some sort of a way to back off from the unbundling disaster. Allow people who...

3 hrs, 50 mins ago

Just a heads up that Fatwallet is ending its run very soon. From a recent post by Tim Storm on Facebook (Wed 9/20 10:36 am): I heard the news today... oh boy. When I sold FatWallet in 2011,...

3 hrs, 54 mins ago

Trying to book flights ANC-ADQ return for early November. The only flights showing on AS are the two daily AS jet flights. The Ravn prop flights are no longer bookable on AS. Ravn has multiple flight each day that I could book on AS until recently....

4 hrs, 32 mins ago

Hi All, So I fell for the old "United has availability, I'll transfer my million miles and book trick" to grab award space on DUB-LAX next year. Problem is/was I needed 3 business class saver award tickets, and United displayed 4 available,...

5 hrs, 18 mins ago

I have a flight coming up on the AF 380 I tend to do I keep an eye on how my flight performs in the Weeks/months leading up to a flight . In the the last couple weeks my flight (AF 11) and the other 380 Flight out of JFK (AF7) Have seen...

5 hrs, 21 mins ago