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Not sure if this is the right place to offer this, but I have 7 drink coupons I won't be using before they expire on October 31st. If anyone would like them just PM me your name and address and I'll put them in the mail tomorrow. *They have now...

7 months, 1 week ago

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Apologies in advance if this post doesn't meet the strict criteria of a "great" fare in that sense that the CPM is below 3.5. However, there are some interesting aspects of this fare I came across: * Multiple alliances are offering similar pricing...

14 hrs ago

Does Eva allow you to select your seat when you purchase your ticket online on their website? I can't seem to find it during the purchase.

14 hrs, 13 mins ago

Found this on flights (think it's a good deal given it's a 10+ HR flight and it's SQ):;f=HND,NRT;t=SEA,LAS,LAX,SFO,YVR;d=2018-05-10;r=2018-05-15;sel=NRTLAX0SQ12,LAXNRT0SQ11;sc=b;a=-3U,-MF,-WS There seems to...

14 hrs, 20 mins ago

I swear I googled but found no answer, thus I am posting here :) Do you know what champagne is served onboard the LHR-ORD route on the 787 in biz class? I wanted to track it on vivino but I stupidly forgot to snap a pic off the wine list... ...

14 hrs, 26 mins ago

Found this while exploring flights:;f=CDG,FCO;t=SIN,BKK,TYO,HKG;d=2018-05-15;r=2018-05-21;sel=FCOPVG0MU788-PVGNRT1MU271,NRTPVG0MU522-PVGFCO1MU787;a=-DY,MU Ticket books into Z on FCO-PVG portion and B for...

14 hrs, 30 mins ago

Seems like a number of carriers spanning the various alliances have a deal going between the US West Coast and FCO (same day turn may not be possible but certainly something to consider if you want to explore US/Europe). LX/LH/UA (Star Alliance)...

14 hrs, 43 mins ago

I'm headed to LAS tomorrow morning, and cashed in 2 RUCs with the nice lady on the SMS line. However, going into my reservation today, I see that the upgrade ATL-LAS is "upgrade waitlisted". There are 41 people trying for an upgrade, showing...

15 hrs, 13 mins ago

This is obviously not new, but news to me: I hit an old bookmark for and see it redirects now to Continental (the tires and auto parts company). Did United sell it, or did they let it lapse, or did Continental AG make a claim for...

15 hrs, 20 mins ago

My original Ventra card expires next week, and I just received the new one by mail. The new expiration date is 2038! One less thing to worry about for a while! :D

15 hrs, 21 mins ago

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15 hrs, 22 mins ago